Lastras: "Cortina has been in teams for four years where they haven't taught her anything"

Pablo Lastras went through COPE's El Partidazo to talk about the Asturian's options in the Tour of Flanders and the victory of Annemiek Van Vleuten in Through Flanders.


Pablo Lastras, one of the sports directors of the Movistar team, went through the microphones of El Partidazo de COPE to analyze the great victory of Annemiek Van Vleuten in Through Flanders and also about Iván García Cortina's options in the East Flanders Tour Sunday

Lastras, who led the women's team in the race, applauded the great performance that the Movistar girls are showing at this start of the season. "Yes, it changes directing a girls 'team compared to boys' because it works better. That is the word. The girls are showing that they are more disciplined, they have more expectations, more interest ... Women's cycling is advancing at a pace dizzying, very beautiful and very exciting. I try to give back what Eusebio Unzué and José Miguel Echavarri have taught me for 26 years. There is an upward trend for girls to train with boys. It is a very good trend not only at a competitive level, but also as a way of life. It is what we try to transmit to the people "

In the project of the women's team, the figure of Annemiek Van Vleuten stands out above all, and the example she sets for many female team and cycling riders. "We want Van Vleuten to adapt to a new team for her and show her our best version. And for her, who will be 39 years old, we want her to fight for the Tour of Flanders, the Olympiad and the World Cup. She is a benchmark for the sponsors and the bicycle brands. If he is as crack as Valverde it is because of how disciplined they are, how methodical they are ... they always want more and that keeps the directors active. It is a very exciting game and they stay more active " .

A Lastras was also asked about Iván García Cortina's options this Sunday in the Tour of Flanders, one of the great events on the calendar, and he was resounding on this issue. "No, not at the moment. Let's be careful, I ask you please. This year the structure has changed. He has been in teams for four years that, I tell you the truth, have not taught him anything. It may be a criticism, but We are going to let Iván grow in our style and we are going to achieve it. He is a boy who does not know how transparent and healthy and all the potential he has, and we are discovering it ".

Lastly Lastras surrendered to the demanding training sessions completed by Van Vleuten with the men's team and the time trial bike. "Van Vleuten trains with the boys and also with the goat in the mountains. She demands herself every day, she seeks the cum laude in each training session. And at the Almería concentration I have seen her do a 180-kilometer training with the time trial bike" .

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