Las Palmas is disheveled in Jesé's scorer premiere

He ends up devouring Lugo in a game that he started losing. The Real Madrid youth squad scored a penalty. Rober's hat trick. Sampedro, very 'touched'.


At last. They will think that right now in the Las Palmas dressing room, which ended up living the dream match against an inoperative CD Lugo, which started very well but ended from bad to worse. It happens that the Gran Canaria team, which ended up overwhelming its rival, found itself again, Jesé and Araujo scored, Rober made a double ... By the way, he almost decisively distanced who could well have been a direct rival for permanence, that in any case it might seem like a small thing for Pepe Mel's hosts. For its part, CD Lugo continues without taking advantage of the arrival of Sampedro, and the descent, like a bad melody, lurks ever closer and very strong.As if they were fireworks, Las Palmas started with all the energy possible. In fact, not two minutes had been played when Curbelo threatened Cantero, but his shot went wide. Nor is it that Lugo was impatient, who very soon assumed control of the party. Not only for feelings, but for the score. It happens that, in the fifth minute, a very dangerous foul by Lemos also cost the Las Palmas side a yellow card. It was thrown by Hugo Rama in an exquisite way, as was the accurate header of Juanpe, alone, to make the 1-0.

The UD seemed tangled in the spider web raised by the Galician team, which undoubtedly suited the rhythm of the match as locked as the one that was being seen in the Gran Canaria Stadium. With the island team still looking north, Jesé's unchecking ended in a clear Torres penalty, which Sagués Oscoz swallowed and which the VAR finished helping him digest before Jesé himself made it 1-1, in the which also meant his first goal in this second stage with the Las Palmas shirt.

With the match tied, the inflammation was lowered, appearing a nondescript game, as if the duel had to start for the third time in just a quarter of an hour. And that Appiah, in the 25th minute, was filled with the ball after an impressive ride of 60-70 meters that could well cost Pepe Mel's hosts a serious displeasure, as suffering in defense as ever.

A classic Second Division match was seen: bland, without chances, where it is more important to take advantage of the rival's failure than to do it with one's own success. As if it were an alarm clock, an opening by Araujo in the 35th minute was destined for a runaway Benito, whose death pass ended up in the right boot of Maikel Mesa, who ran into Cantero before Rober shot at pleasure to make the 2-1.

The smiles of happiness returned to the faces of the Las Palmas footballers, who went to rest with the duel almost sentenced after the 3-1 signed by Araujo, which he did not miss, in the 1x1 with the rival goalkeeper, the delight of Sergio Ruiz, nor that he had sent him a blown kiss in the form of definitive assistance after recovering the ball.

45 minutes later, Las Palmas found a panorama more than dreamed of. The game could not be more expensive and on top of it his goals were shared equally between his trident, difficult to match in the category. She left the locker room ready to engulf her rival, and boy did she. Just five minutes after the game resumed, Ruiz slammed the ball off the crossbar after a perfect pass from Lemos. The yellow team continued to strike, and five later Jesé did not do a double due to Cantero's expertise, who could do nothing before the death pass that the attacker from Gran Canaria, his tremendous display of power, gave to Rober in the 58th minute to that the Betis youth squad finished clasping the duel with the final 4-1. He has already scored seven goals, top scorer for the Gran Canaria team.

The undeniable local dominance could go further with 20 minutes to go, but the VAR annulled a goal by Sergio Ruiz for a previous hand from the Cantabrian midfielder, again the best of his own. In any case, the game was already more than decided, although Lugo was close to getting into it when Gerard Valentín made it 4-2, later canceled by VAR for a previous hand. Undoubtedly, the technology had extra work tonight, so necessary always, so incomprehensible its use at times.To round off the night, Rober showed that COVID-19 and its aftermath are nothing more than an anecdote. After a perfect match, he made it 5-1, a hat trick for the serve on 88 ', and a vindictive Aridai, decisive collaborator in the previous goal, made his, set and match, 60 seconds later.

This win leaves Sampedro very touched, while Las Palmas believes, at least tonight, that the playoffs are more than an optical illusion. With Jesé at this level, everything is possible in the island team, always so punished for an improper irregularity of so much talent and, of course, incompatible with something more than begging to stay. Tonight he had his perfect match. Impossible any attempt to refute for the Lugo team.

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