Larkin earthquake: decide in overtime and shake up the Top-8

The American player, with 30 points, denies the comeback to Baskonia in a heart attack game. New accounts to enter the playoffs.


Defeat of Baskonia against a team highly inspired by attack. The best was, again, Larkin. A player who did not enter the game for a long time but ended up being providential. Ivanovic's team was almost always in tow and ended up falling at home. There was a lot of discomfort with the refereeing performance but it is obvious that the Ottomans are sweet and will be seeded because they are having a sensational season. The duel ended with a draw at 92 so it was necessary to resort to extra time.

Sanli, as in the WiZink center, began by setting style. He has talent and physique and he showed it at Buesa. It is true that EFES started with less intensity than in Madrid (9-9, min. 5) but their scoring ability was evident. Simon's triple left the light at 13-20. Larkin didn't come out until minute 8 and Anderson until minute 9. That's the potential of the Istanbul team. Despite this, Ivanovic's men finished the first quarter only 3 points down.

Micic began to show his category in the second period. Also Beaubois, whose basketball is made of silk. Moerman, more mundane, also wanted to vindicate himself before Ataman. The Turks were up 15 points with 21-36 in the 16th minute. The Ottomans already had 40 points with 3 remaining for the break. But a good 12-2 run brought Ivanovic's men closer in the final stretch of the second quarter. The turning point came with a Montenegrin timeout. "They are playing as in training, you have to be tougher," he told them. No sooner said than done. At halftime, 41-46 and first fire extinguished. EFES had more rebound but also more losses.

The start of the third quarter was Krunoslav Simon's but Baskonia never gave up (52-53, min. 25). "Do you want to lose the game or what?" Ataman said to his team in a time out. Larkin seems to have taken the hint. The Vitorianos had more defensive concentration but they lacked the attacking inspiration that EFES has, a team with a lot of talent. Ivanovic was betting on a quintet without a born pivot and with a Polonara of five. What he demanded was speed and some inspiration against a team that was superior on budget. In that sense, players like Vildoza or Henry give you, but they also take you away. This was taken advantage of by Larkin, who began to uncover the jar of essences.

Two consecutive triples from the Ottoman point guard in the fourth quarter stretched the rubber again (65-71, min. 33). The merit of TD Systems Baskonia was to reach the final minutes within the game (75-76 with 5 remaining). The people from Vitoria took the lead with 80-76 but EFES kept their cool and was about to win the match within the prescribed time. A triple by Vildoza, almost on the horn, took the game into extra time. 5 more minutes and suffer.

Overtime began with Larkin's second 3 + 1 of the game. Sanli was already watching the crash from the bench by then because he had added his fifth personal foul. After the 4 points obtained by the ex - Baskonista, Moerman generated a 2 + 1 although he missed the free throw. A partial 0-6 in the blink of an eye with many complaints from the home bench about the refereeing. Although the Basques had the strength to come back again, Larkin liquidated the options of Ivanovic's team. Also Singleton with a providential triple. The last minute and a half was left over because the EFES had already opened a gap of ten points, so they ended up winning with some comfort.

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