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Nets and Sixers show the differences in the East with their beatings of Hornets and Cavs despite the losses of Durant, Harden, Griffin, Embiid ...


The Hornets have been a revelation in a very loose East past the head. A very well-worked team, with a lot of coaching skills, young talent and a beautiful proposal… which was also erased from the map by Brooklyn Nets (111-89). And it's not that the Nets are winning everything, it's how they're doing it. This time neither Kevin Durant nor James Harden nor Blake Griffin played (neither did DeAndre Jordan, without injury). It did not matter: the Nets did not win, they crushed, they devastated an opponent who, yes, had a horrible day, missed lots of shots and continues to accumulate injuries, the last one from Malik Monk.

Kyrie Irving dominated the game without scoring excesses (15 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists) and LaMarcus Aldridge had an excellent debut with house-brand points, mid-range shooting and old-school post play and with a vision of where his goals are. companions. And even a little more defensive attitude than he was remembered in his later days at the Spurs. As a center he finished with 11 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists in 30 minutes for a team that has won 20 of 23 games… 22 of them without Kevin Durant. And that pulls all that is necessary from the bottom of the closet: this time Jeff Green (21 points, 8 rebounds), Tyler Johnson (15 points) and Landry Shamet (17 and 5/7 in triples) shone .

The Hornets missed 13 of their first 15 shots, were 36% at halftime and opened the second half with a 12-2 run. On the scoreboard that translated into a 32-11 in the first quarter, advantages of 29 points in the second, 30 in the third and a 92-65 before the last, in which the advantage fell to 17 due to bullfighting embarrassment. those of Carolina and the neglect of the Nets, who controlled the game from there without problems. On a black day of all, DeVonte 'Graham (13 points) and Monk (who later was injured, 11 points) kept the rate minimally. LaMelo Ball is missed and the best version of Gordon Hayward, who appears little since the All Star break. Rozier (12 points) did not have precisely his day.

And these are, basically, the differences in the East: a tremendous beating of the first (34-15), even plagued with casualties, to the fourth (24-23).CAVALIERS 94-SIXERS 114

It is an East in which the Nets, Sixers (at half a game now 33-15) and Bucks are left alone, who are three games now from the head and who are hooked to that group of favorites with respect to to which we will see how they are when the playoffs arrive the Heat, who seem for now a couple of steps below. But, you know, they will compete.

The differences in the conference are gross: the Sixers are 7-3 without Joel Embiid and are 4-2 in six games away without the center and aspiring MVP, who will probably return tomorrow. Without him, his teammates pulled the defensive scythe in the second half at Ohio (Cavs 17 points in the third quarter, 38-56 total after the break). That and the bench points (26-65) decided what ended up being a very comfortable victory: between Milton (27 points, 5/7 on triples) and Diwght Howard (18 points, 15 rebounds) they melted the Cavs without the need for excesses. from Ben Simmons (5 + 13 + 5) and Tobias Harris (12 points with foul problems). In addition, Danny Green's wrist worked (11 points and Seth Curry (19, 4 assists, 5/10 in triples) .

In the Cavs, Kevin Love returned, scoring 13 points and grabbing 4 rebounds in what is only his fifth game of the season. And Matthew Dellavedova also played, another nostalgic nod for a team that did not have Jarrett Allen or Larry Nance, and in which Collin Sexton (24 points) contributed more than Darius Garland (6, 8 assists).PISTONS 120-WIZARDS 91

Revenge of the Pistons in a duel in the eastern underworld. In December, a 106-92 for the capital included a 68-41 in the locker room, with laughter from the Wizards players. In Detroit, they recognized him later, they remembered, and they played with energy and collective concentration to beat an opponent who has been three games without Bradley Beal (hip problems), which is taking an obvious bill: 17-30, another Once two and a half games from tenth place, the last one from play in.

Scott Brooks acknowledged that Russell Westbrook was tired, the price of pulling the team in Beal's absence. He added his 18th triple-double of the season (16 points, 11 rebounds, 12 assists), but lost 9 balls and stayed at 7/16 in shooting with a poor 1/6 in free throws, where his team fell to a very poor 6/19 that joined 5/19 in triples. A day to forget that the Pistons led by Josh Jackson (31 points, 19 in the first half) took advantage of, with seven players in double-digit scoring and the usual work of Mason Plumlee (13 + 11 + 7) .

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