Lakers sign McLemore

The forward, who was No. 7 in the draft, had been cut by the Rockets. In the last two seasons in the NBA he has exceeded 40% in triples.


After the arrival of Andre Dummond, the Lakers (who had reserved two holes in their roster) complete the rotation with the arrival of the shooter they need: Ben McLemore. The 28-year-old forward had been cut by the Rockets and will sign with the Angels for the remainder of this season. The journalist Shams Charania (The Athletic) announced it and assured that the Lakers had been ahead of other applicants, such as the Milwaukee Bucks. McLemore is part of the Klutch Sports squad, Rich Paul's representative agency, LeBron James' right-hand man.

The Lakers wanted to complete their rotation with a 3 + D, the coveted role of a strong forward on defense and the ability to score free shots. The ideal was Trevor Ariza, but before receiving the buyout from the Thunder he was traded to the Miami Heat. Nor does it seem that the Orlando Magic is about to cut Otto Porter, so the Lakers are betting on McLemore, who has very, very little of a defender ... but a lot of a shooter. In his career he is above 36% in triples, and in the last two seasons he has exceeded 40%. It will be a great fit for some Lakers who, after a promising start to the season, have deteriorated to become one of the weakest teams in the NBA in shooting three.

McLemore came to the NBA in 2013 as a star project: the Kings gave him No. 7 in the draft after a brilliant season at Kansas (almost 16 points and more than 5 rebounds per game). In Sacramento things did not go well for him (although he averaged more than 12 points in his second season) and after a bad stint for the Grizzlies, he had one foot out of the NBA before an unexpected resurrection at the Houston Rockets, where his good Outside wrist shone in the system that Mike D'Antoni put in the service of James Harden. If he's on a roll with that shot, really dangerous when he's confident but with terrible streaks, he can be a very useful player in the Lakers' rotation. Now ... and especially when the playoffs come.

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