Lakers: the cavalry, on the way

Finally, Davis and LeBron have a return date. Without them, the Angelenos have added four very important victories to avoid going to play in.


The Lakers were stalking the leadership of the Utah Jazz West when the bad news began to pile up: on February 14, Anthony Davis had to stop due to a problem that haunted the Achilles tendon area ... and better not joke about that. Before that last Davis game so far, the Angelenos were 21-6. A placid and brilliant start to the defense of the title won in the Florida bubble. Later, the losses increased the rhythm but the streak was four consecutive victories when, on March 19, LeBron James also fell, who suffered a very strong, and complicated by the type of sprain, ankle sprain in a game against the Hawks.

The Lakers lost that game and three more, with their defense holding the strong as it could but the attack becoming the NBA's penultimate for efficiency. However, the Angelenos have had four wins in their last six games. Rivals propitious for their bad attack (Magic, Cavaliers), their null defense (Kings) or their mountain of casualties (Raptors) and very important triumphs to stop the bleeding in the classification. At 32-19, the Lakers are now fifth in the West, but still only a game and a half behind third and maintain, an important issue, margin with respect to seventh, some Mavs who are now three and a half games after failing against the Rockets. The sixth is the last to go directly into the playoffs. Those classified from seventh to tenth will play the new play-in to distribute the last two places in the qualifying rounds.

Of the Lakers' 51 games, Davis has missed 28 and LeBron already 10. It's 4-5 since LeBron's injury and 11-12 since Anthony Davis fell, including games in which both have been missed. megastars. Not bad on the verge of some tough games in the East: Heat, Nets, Knicks and Hornets before heading back to the West for another tough stint: the Celtics at the Staples and double-games against Jazz and Mavericks (we'll see how far over the Texans) .

But for those games after the East tour, opened with a brilliant win in Tampa, the temporary home of the Raptors, the cavalry may be back. According to Marc Stein, Anthony Davis could be available to play in the game against the Celtics, the team's next game at Staples. It is played on April 16, so I would return after overcoming the barrier of two months of absence. In addition, there is also finally news about LeBron, who does not have such a clear date but who is expected on track at the end of this month of April. That would take him out to close to six weeks, proof of the severity of the injury when one also considers that LeBron's ankles are legendary for their ability to recover from sprains during his career.

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