Knauff wears Haaland

A goal from the young Borussia Dortmund footballer allows the 'black-yellow' side to hold on to their last chances of qualifying for the next Champions League.


Borussia Dortmund does not give up. The side led by Edin Terzic were forced to take the three points from their visit to Stuttgart after Eintracht's 4-3 victory against Wolfsburg to somehow stay in the fight for the Champions League. And the black-yellows did not fail. Of course, they had to overcome the initial goal of Kalajdzic and, then, be rescued by the young Knauff after Stuttgart tied the match again. The vital 2-3 victory allows the Bees to remain in fifth place in the Bundesliga, where they are still seven points behind Eintracht in fourth place. There are six days left in which the BVB risks its life.

As so often throughout this season, BVB was the team that started the game. The leather went to those of Terzic, who were approaching timidly to the surroundings of the local area, yes, without being able to filter balls to Haaland. The occasion, a priori, clearer was a shot from Captain Reus that Kobel managed to disrupt. Quite the opposite of Stuttgart. A collective error of the entire defensive section allowed Kalajdzic, supposed object of Borusser's desire, to put the locals ahead. Out of nowhere.

Things changed considerably in the second half. The black-yellows were much more vertical from the restart and, in a matter of seven minutes, they managed to turn the scoreboard. A right hand from Bellingham and a thread from Reus, his first Bundesliga goal since December, were enough to end up coming back from the game in the opening stages of the second period. Haaland was able to sentence the crash with a shot from inside the area that went high. The crack was not fine in the face of the goal.

But there was much left. And the BVB was still seeing the seams behind. He had the tie in the Coulibaly boots, but failed to shake the leather to empty door. Didavi did not forgive. He materialized a book counter that shocked the entire BVB. Everyone except young Knauff. The 19-year-old squad entered in 67 for the injured Reus, kept his cool and gave his team three points after a subtle hit from the edge of the area that marked his first goal as a professional. He was assisted by a Haaland who, despite leaving without scoring, is still decisive in keeping Borussia in the fight for the Champions League.

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