Juve gets ahead of the Serie A bargain

With Donnarumma's renewal stranded, Juventus is presenting a better offer than Milan to Calhanoglu, who also ends contract in June.


Time is short and Milan's season is long. If when the course dawned the Rossoneri topped the table in Serie A, as the dates advance, he has seen how Inter de Conte passed him on the right (they are already eight points away and have one game less). Now his main concern is to resist in second position the overwhelm of Atalanta, Juventus and Napoles. Barely two points separate them from those of Gasperini and four from bianconeri and partenopei. However, in the offices the calendar also plays against him.

Gianluigi Donnarumma, Hakan Calhanoglu and Zlatan Ibrahimovic end their contracts on June 30 and only the Swede has a renewal on track. The goalkeeper does not answer the last offer presented by Milan, of 8 million euros net. His agent, Mino Raiola, asks for 10, so that difference distances Buffon's heir in the Azzurra of San Siro, for now. La Gazzetta explains that the agent has an offer from another team that reaches 12 million per season. A situation very similar to that experienced by the playmaker, a Calhanoglu who has become the team's thermometer.

Calhanoglu, an insurmountable distance? The amount offered is the final proposal and the Turk, although willing to file down his claims, at no time would he be willing to lose his pulse so clearly. Faced with this remoteness of positions, in addition, Juventus appears.

In Turin they are hungry for talent and having a footballer of the quality of Calhanoglu at zero cost is gaining strength. Therefore, his proposal would fulfill Hakan's wish. Giving Cristiano Ronaldo collateral partners is a fundamental adventure for next year if they want to avoid losing the Portuguese star. Achieving it without investing money from the box, taking into account the financial situation of the club, would be great news, hence the interest echoed by the aforementioned Italian media.

Although Vecchia Signora is not the only team interested in Calhanoglu's great season. His 7 goals and 11 assists give statistical consistency to his enormous precision on the right foot, shown in previous flashes and endowed with regularity in the present. At 27, he is in the prime of his career. Thus, Chelsea and Arsenal will try to fish in the troubled waters of Milan. But his offers, from an economic point of view, are less lucrative than the one presented by Juve. June is on top and Milan's dwarves don't stop growing.

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