Juan Ayuso: "Pogacar cares about everyone and I was involved in the group"

The young Spanish cyclist attended EFE after his victories in the Piva Trophy and the Giro del Belvedere to talk about his successes and his expectations at the UAE Emirates.


Juan Ayuso (Jávea, 18 years old), has just confirmed with two consecutive victories in Italy, the Piva Trophy and the Giro del Belvedere in the sub-23 category, which for something is considered the pearl of the future in Spanish cycling. Since this season he belongs to the UAE Emirates World Tour team, led by the Spanish Josean Fernández Matxín, but until the summer he runs on loan at Colpack Ballan.

Ayuso, who went directly from the youth category to the professional category, takes advantage of international under-23 races before finally moving to the UAE. This season, as the best of the peloton, he has already shone in events such as Coppi e Bartali Week, Laigueglia Trophy and GP Larciano. From Italy answer the call of EFE.

- What have the two consecutive victories in the Piva Trophy and Giro del Belvedere with the best under-23s in the race meant?

- To have won in these two races is something spectacular, because of its importance and because both are the first victories that I have achieved in the international field. Being able to get the double is something incredible and it gives me a lot of motivation to keep working hard and go for more.

- In the Week Coppi e Bartali was in several stages with the best. Was it expected to perform at this level?

- I have to admit that in the second stage of the Coppi, getting on the run with Vansevenant and seeing that we could play the stage between the two of us was a "shock" for me. That day I gained a lot of confidence and I think I got more every day. That in the mental part, but it is true that physically I have taken a little jump, since in Laigueglia and Larciano I was not at the level that I would have liked.

- It seems that these months on loan at Colpack by his team, UAE Emirates, are inspiring him a lot.

- Yes! The idea is that, I am enjoying a lot here in Italy, both in the professional races and in the international U23 races. I think these months here are going to help me a lot when I go to the World Tour in a few months.

- What does Matxín (director of the UAE) advise you, what is your idea regarding its evolution?

- Matxin tells me to continue tanning here and gaining experience, that I always go out to enjoy and win. I still cannot say much about what I will do with UAE since it is still not entirely clear, we continue to assess which calendar is the one that interests me the most and the one that best suits me.

- How was the experience of coinciding with Tadej Pogacar in a team rally?

- I agreed with him in last year's concentration, since this year I could not attend my final exams, but I remember the great person he is and his humility, he cared about each runner and involved me in the group, something that is very appreciated when you are a person who has been invited and everything is new for you.

- Share coach with the winner of the Tour. What is Iñigo San Millán like?

.- My coach is Iñigo San Millan and I am super happy to be able to work with him. Apart from being a great professional, he is a genius! I have full confidence in him and have no doubt that he will lead me on the right path.

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