Jesé unblocks Las Palmas

The Senegalese advanced to his in a new error of the yellow defense. Mel's men reacted in the second half and were able to win the contest.

Distribution of points in a match that anyone could win, although the UD had the clearest chances in the final stretch of the match. Mallorca entered the clash better, began dominating and took the lead, but Mel's men snapped up after the break and had the clearest chances at the end to win the match. The draw, however, takes Mel's team away from the possibility of getting close to the playoff again, at eight, while the vermilion are one more point away from Almería in second place, with 65, by 60 of the Andalusians.

Aware of the importance of the three points, after the defeat of Almería against Rayo Vallecano, Mallorca jumped to Gran Canaria clearly marking their ambition in the first minutes with a very strong pressure on the exit of the ball from Pepe Mel's team.

As a result of that initial push, the vermilion did not let the yellows out of their field, drowning the combinations of Ruiz and Mesa, with an immaculate Salva Sevilla, master and lord of the midfield. Without clear chances, yes, it was not enough for Mallorca to get ahead on the scoreboard. With a triangulation on the left wing of his attack, Dani Rodríguez is left alone, without any marking, and serves the ball so that Amath pushes the ball to the bottom of the meshes from the edge of the small area. The ninth of his particular account in the league. Sweet moment for the visitors who, just a minute later, were able to extend the score with another play on the same flank that Álvaro Jiménez finished off with a header, but Álvaro Valles repelled without problems.From then on, until the end of the first half, UD Las Palmas gradually grew in its game and only a few minutes later, in the 26th, Benito Ramírez, in a good personal action, sent a strong cross lash that forced Reina to intervene for the first time in the entire encounter. The locals were waking up, with minutes of small flashes of Jesé, Araujo and the ability of possession of Ruiz and Maikel Mesa, who were stealing prominence from Salva Sevilla and Sedlar, but the visiting defense led by Valjent and Russo knew how to hold the guy without complications until break.

In the second forty-five minutes the panorama changed as soon as the game resumed. Pepe Mel's talk to his pupils had an effect so that they would react and in the first action that the Gran Canaria combined in attack, they sent the ball to the cage. Jesé's filtered pass to Araujo and a goal from Chino in the 46th minute to put the tables on the scoreboard. Everything changed from here with a much more plugged-in, intense UD, drowning out the Mallorcan bands led by Dani and Sánchez. Jesé's dangerous actions were repeated over and over again and the Balearic Islands could only stretch thanks to the set piece. Open game, yes and nice for the neutral spectator.

Continuous back and forth followed one another, although Sergio Ruiz tried to impose his calm with the passing of the minutes. More local possession and few clear chances, we only have to highlight in those central minutes of the second half a shot by Álvaro Jiménez in the 67th from the edge that Eric Curbelo deflected. However, when the end approached they both pressed in search of victory. Las Palmas first, which had two very clear chances. With Kirian, in the center of Benito, he was able to overtake his own, although a defender cleared the ball for the fortune of a Reina who was already beaten and five minutes from the end, again, Araujo could do the same, but he lacked strength when he He was only in a heads up and the vermilion central Valjent regained the lost ground to cut a key play.Finally, Abdón Prats tried, who, almost without time, launched a whiplash in the last action of the match, which Valles was able to repel to seal a final draw that does not serve either the UD to get closer to the playoff or Mallorca to make good of the all the defeat of Almería.

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