"Tiger's injuries are very big, it won't be easy for him to come back"

Sergio García spoke of the possible return of Woods although he wants to be optimistic: "You always have the hope or the thought that he will be able to recover."


It is one of the great secrets of the world of golf. The real state of Tiger Woods after his car accident. Open fractures, doubts, interventions, rest, recovery, luck to have survived ... a lot of information but when it comes to a return to competition, no one seems to want to risk.

Sergio García gave an interview to 'Ten Golf' in the Augusta Masters preview and spoke of Tiger: "You always have the hope or the thought that he will be able to recover, but the injuries he has had in his leg have been very great and it's not easy. "

The 41-year-old from Castellón wants to be optimistic and hopes to see El Tigre again at the highest level: "You always hope that there are possibilities and he is willing to try to fully recover and see if he can return, but the only one who will give us the answer it will be time. It will certainly not be easy, but we will see. In the end only Tiger knows how he feels and how he is recovering ".

Photos from as.com
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