Hurricane Gerard Moreno

The forward disarmed with a hat-trick to a Granada that decomposed after the debatable penalty that supposed the 0-1. Jorge Molina missed a maximum penalty.

The reunion of Diego Martínez and Emery was decided by fast track Gerard Moreno, one of the best players in the championship who in just over an hour signed his first hat-trick in the First Division and destroyed a Granada that continues to make water in defense in the League (49 goals conceded) and who keeps his gaze fixed on the Europa League.

The initial push by Granada was cut off at the root after six minutes Cuadra Fernández and Hernández Hernández, his adviser in the VAR, with the signaling of a penalty that one more game calls into question the effectiveness of video refereeing and the debatable criteria of all those around him. The penalty by the hand of Víctor Díaz, completely involuntary and conditioned in his gesture by his jump with Pau Torres, aborted all the rojiblancas intentions and served as a springboard to Gerard Moreno's show.

The yellow striker signed a sublime match and ended the match with a masterful cut that ended with Germán on the ground and with a definition of carats. Beyond the doubts generated by the initial penalty, Villarreal's superiority from start to finish was indisputable. Rubén Peña and Pedraza gave a recital for both bands, Parejo and Trigueros ruled the game with an iron hand in the core and Granada was not able to find a single answer.

Gerard Moreno's dance in Los Cármenes began and ended from the penalty spot. The second maximum penalty, committed by Rui Silva on Trigueros, was indisputable. Once the 0-3 was consummated, Diego Martínez and Emery limited themselves to moving the chips very aware of what awaits them next Thursday in the Europa League. Jorge Molina provoked and had another maximum penalty to make up the scoreboard, but he shot into the clouds and dispelled any threat of reaction with his erratic shot.The victory keeps Villarreal fully engaged in the fight for a European place and leaves few negative effects on Granada. With their 36 points, the rojiblancos have plenty of room to give top priority to their historic tie against Manchester United.

Emery: "Gerard gives us a lot: work, goal, presence, confidence ..."

Villarreal coach Unai Emery praised "the competitive level and mentality" exhibited by his team at Nuevo Los Cármenes, where he won this Saturday Granada 0-3 after "a complete game", although he was demanding and made it clear that he "still" "lacks things" .

Emery also highlighted at a press conference the importance of "maintaining regularity" and "finding answers to things that do not go well", and stressed that they work and mature in the process "so that mistakes are not repeated" .

On the fact that the winger Alberto Moreno and the French midfielder Francis Coquelin once again had minutes, he commented that it gives them "a range of different possibilities" .

In relation to Gerard Moreno, protagonist of the clash with his three goals, he explained that "he is confident and feels safe in what he does and protected in this club", so he is "continuing last year's good season" .

"They took care of him in the national team and he came with the desire to play. He transmitted to us that he wanted to play after a week training in full conditions. He gives us a goal, presence, work and confidence," said the Villarreal coach.

Emery indicated that he wants his team to be a team "with experience and mature, who knows how to play under high demands", so they set "the individual and collective bar high" and have to "keep doing it" .

In fact, he hopes that they will maintain "the level of consistency and credibility" that they are having in the Europa League, after "breaking the barrier of reaching three consecutive victories" and repositioning themselves "in the classification" with the triumph achieved in Granada. -EFE

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