Historic Kanter: 24 points and 30 rebounds to destroy Detroit

The center gave a historic display and became the third player in the last 20 years to score at least 20 points and 30 rebounds in a game.


Of all the cool NBA players, there is one who is especially liked: Enes Kanter. The hype of the Turk is extensive, he is one of the favorites among the public and has public opinion in his favor, not so much as a player but as a person, due to his open nature and his opposition to Erdogan, who declared open war on him some time ago. Kanter is a sportingly curious guy, a machine for scoring points and making the most of his minutes on the court to the maximum, with extreme ease for offensive rebounding or scoring points under the rim, receiving the last pass or playing the post. But also, of course, it is an absolute disaster on the defensive level, something that generates the odd humorous comment and that has been seen too much since its inception in the NBA. It already happened to him in the Thunder, where he was a microwave and had an extreme production. And the same has happened to him in the Celtics and Blazers, his last two teams. And that does not mean, of course, that the pivot falls well to almost everyone and is one of the most attractive players to see in a competition marked by constant triples and inner men who are not so much anymore.

Kanter may have found his place in the world with the Blazers. The team led by Terry Stotts perfectly represents what the Turk is as a player: an offensive machine that collapses on the defensive plane without palliative measures, perhaps with even less dissimulation than Kanter shows when he has to change brands in pick and play. roll or perform those lateral movements that are so bad. The Oregon franchise scores 115 points per game, but receives another 115 and is one of the worst defenders in the competition, the third worst in the Western Conference. And above all, it seems that they do not care. They have not done anything to improve their deficiencies on that side of the court nor does it seem that they have planned, always boosting the triple and the huge amount of points they score in any game and against any rival without shame. And with the constant feeling that, when they are defending, they only think about attacking again.

The Blazers game has allowed Enes Kanter to make one of the greatest exhibitions of the 2020-21 basketball course: 24 points and 30 rebounds. The Turk has added to that statistic 2 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks (with 4 losses), he has had a very good series of shots (as usual in a player who is above 60% in the shot, the top of his career) and finished with a +19. The game is historic for several reasons: Kanter is the fourth player in the entire 21st century to reach 30 rebounds after Kevin Love, Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard. And the only one, along with Love and Howard, to add at least 20 points and 30 rebounds in the last 20 years. He runs out of 30 + 30, which both players did (with 31 + 31 of the first and 32 + 30 of the second), but he does achieve the highest number of rebounds in his entire sports career ... and in the history of the Blazers, who had never seen anything like it in that statistical section. Kanter, by the way, grabbed 12 offensive rebounds. Words are unnecessary.

Of the rest, little more to tell. When things like this happen, everything else is merely anecdotal. The Blazers added another victory against the Pistons, bottom of the Eastern Conference and the third worst team in the NBA. The game had no history and it was for the Oregonians without any problem. Damian Lillard added 26 points and McCollum 27, making one forget Normal Powell's poor shooting series (2 of 10), and the inexplicable game of Robert Covington, who tried only three shots in more than 30 minutes of play. Carmelo Anthony and Nassir Little reached 11 points respectively, with 5 of 5 from the field for the latter, perfect on the shot. And for the Pistons, 21 points from Josh Jackson and nothing but scratching. The game served for the Blazers to put themselves with a record of 31-21 and put land in between with the Mavericks, who have 1.5 games, who will have to manage from here to the end of the regular season to avoid the play-in. But, above all, the game served to verify that Enes Kanter is cool. Very much.

Photos from as.com
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