Heidfeld: "Hamilton? Alonso was more complete in general"

"He was probably the driver with whom I enjoyed the races the most, because he was always fair," recalls the German about his battles with the Asturian in 2008.


"Fernando Alonso is undoubtedly one of the best. He was world champion, but he deserved more titles." This is one of the many compliments that Nick Heidfeld has spread to the figure of Fernando Alonso in the podcast 'Beyond The Grid' where the former German driver has reviewed his long sports career in McLaren, Prost Grand Prix, Sauber, Jordan, BMW, Mercedes and Lotus.

Heidfeld, who in the 2008 season became the Asturian's great rival, recalls the toughness, and at the same time the honesty, that Fernando had at the wheel of the Renault RS28 every time they fought for a position: "Despite how extreme it was sometimes outside of the car, I loved to race against him. He was probably the driver I enjoyed racing with the most, because he was always fair. I remember one time, in Monaco 2008, I was called at Loews, but I had my tires on rain very cold, he needed to pass me, he looked for a different play and I was easy prey. I accepted it. But all the other times it was very hard, but very right at the same time. ""Schumacher is the sweetest person you can meet"

Likewise, 'Quick Nick' affirms that Alonso was more complete than Lewis Hamilton, although the one from Mönchengladbach points out that, for some time now, he has noticed a change in the style of Lewis' driving that has allowed him to become more consistent on Sundays: "I'd say the most complete was Fernando Alonso. The most talented was probably Lewis Hamilton, but the best overall, in my eyes, was Alonso. There was a year (2010) in which I did not race, but I saw the race in Monaco, and I had the opportunity to get closer to the circuit, even closer than a normal spectator, which is already fantastic there. Two drivers visually stood out in the corners, with the control of the car that Hamilton was even more extreme in terms of the amount of risk he took, how close he came to the edge of the track and the walls, but he was much more inconsistent than Alonso. That being said, I think that has changed and Hamilton is has become more consistent and. He no longer drives so aggressively and dangerously, if you look at Monaco. "

Finally, Nick Heidfeld recalls the figure of Michael Schumacher stating that the aggressiveness and combativeness that he exhibited every time he drove a car did not correspond to the sweet and close person who was the seven-time champion in intimacy: "At the beginning of my career, when he won world championships, I never had the car to fight him. In fact, I used to fold. I remember when I was in Formula 3000, again in Monaco, because that's where you see the drivers close to the limit, where you see their talent. I was observing from a bridge the two curves before the tunnel, and for me, of all the drivers, he was the most exceptional. People always talked a lot about their physical abilities, their engineering abilities ... His pure driving was just phenomenal. But as I just said, when I was in Formula 1, I didn't get a lot of opportunity to really fight him. He was completely different on the track than outside the car. sweet that you can meet. It is very close. He cared a lot for his family. While on the track, he did things that I just thought about: 'Stupid. That is not acceptable. "

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