Havertz takes a step forward

The ex of the Leverkusen was the great protagonist of the party when distributing an assist and scoring a goal. Those of Tuchel are fourth in the standings.

Kai Havertz was being asked for more. And he is giving it. The German may not yet be the 80 million star they were hoping for in London, but with Tuchel he seems to be much closer to being than with Lampard. A phenomenal match by the former Bayern Leverkusen player, who crowned a match with a goal and an assist in which he saw the many virtues he treasures, but also the shadows that he still has to drive away. The result returns the blues to fourth place after Liverpool's victory, and puts pressure on a Leicester who cannot afford to stumble if they do not want to have the Londoners less than a victory away.The truth is that this Chelsea from 2021, this Chelsea from Tuchel, is scary. The way in which he solved the first half against Crystal Palace was exquisite, like Havertz's hit for the first goal of the game and how the play was, with assistance included from the German, for Pulisic to bust it at the bottom of the goal of Guaita. A game that seemed to be seen for sentence after Zouma's header before the break, but that, despite the fact that the Eagles had not fired in the entire first hour of the game, seemed to reopen timidly with Benteke's response.Tuchel, little friend of surprises behind, put Reece James and the bet went well for him twice, because not only did he give oxygen back, but he also put a center that ended up in Pulisic's boots for the North American to score the second from your private account. If the other day against Aston Villa was the first defeat of the German coach's era, today, against Crystal Palace, was the first time that his team has managed to score more than two goals under his command.

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