Haaland Sr. and Raiola continue the Tour of England today

After having met with Barcelona and Real Madrid, now it is the turn of the Premier teams: Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.


Operation Haaland is on fire. Alfie, father of the forward, and Mino Raiola, agent, shook the football scene when they landed, this Thursday, in Barcelona. There, the couple met with Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemany. The club wanted to know the position of the player and the conditions on which the signing turns, while Haaland's circle wanted to do the same for the Blaugrana team. In the afternoon, another bomb, as it was Real Madrid's turn. Same context, but with Florentino Pérez on the other side of the table.

Now comes the Premier League. Mundo Deportivo advanced information that is echoed in England, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United will also have a voice in this soap opera. Time will tell if they have a vote. Madrid has always been the big favorite in the fight, but Laporta's entrance on the scene added an important actor to the stage. However, Guardiola's City is presented as the most dangerous rival. The auction has started, the starting price is 180 million euros, who gives more? 444 444Manchester City

At the Etihad, Messi was the man who kept the citizen management awake, but the Argentine's name has fallen and now all efforts will focus on taking over Haaland, in addition to Jack Grealish. For this they have set aside 230 million euros, an amount with which they consider they could convince Borussia Dortmund and Aston Villa. But the best assets they have as far as '9' is concerned are the sports project (City is the top favorite to win the Champions League) and the economic muscle: in England there is talk of a gross salary of 36 million euros a year that would make him the highest paid in the Premier. The fact that his father Alfie played for the club for three years adds sentimentality to the equation. Meanwhile, the tensions between Raiola and Guardiola seem buried ...

Manchester United

Without leaving Manchester, we left Etihad Campus for Trafford. The Red Devils have Solskjaer up their sleeve. It is no secret the admiration that Ole professes for his compatriot and the fact that they shared a past in the Molde (the coach made him debut) adds spice to the matter. United pushed hard when Erling thrashed in Salzburg, but Raiola's desire to use Borussia Dortmund as a bridge team may have weighed too heavily. The Italian has recognized in The Athletic that that could be a mistake, since his represented is more than prepared for the lights that shine the most. Those of the Theater of Dreams do it and this course is experiencing a kind of sports renaissance. Nightmares forgotten, they will return.


We do not know what the route chosen by Raiola and Alfie Haaland will be like, but due to pure geographical arrangement the visit to Liverpool will not be too far apart from the previous one. The red team always appeared in the race with Madrid to win Kylian Mbappé, but the couple will not miss the opportunity to test the field of the current Premier champion. In addition, those of Klopp have just received an economic injection of 625 million euros from LeBron James' company that will allow them to sign comfortably in the summer. That which is needed to face an operation like Haaland's. Salah has dealt winks with LaLiga and his renewal is still up in the air. Would that be the hole for the Norwegian cyborg? From 'Wonderwall' to 'Hey Jude' and we keep flying.Chelsea

And finally, although we already said that this will not necessarily be the order of the meetings, London. That Chelsea does not understand financial straits is no secret. A quick look at last summer, where they broke the market in the middle of a pandemic, is the best example. Tuchel has built a rocky team. 14 games since his arrival in which he does not know defeat and has only received two goals. But the biggest (and almost only) must is the attack front. Werner, arrived as a signing of campanillas (53 million euros), does not find the right and doubts about his ability as a killer. In fact, at Stamford Bridge they wanted to include him as part of the deal to convince Borussia Dortmund. Timo refused, but the doubt remains. Tuchel has wanted to remove iron from the matter, but when the river sounds ...


For his part, the main actor in this novel has indicated, according to Esport3, that he only wants to play for Madrid or Barça. The initial plan was to go after him in 2022, when the pact reached between Raiola and Borussia Dortmund to loosen obstacles to the transfer came into play. Laporta would like to cling to that nail, according to this last medium, because the Blaugrana box is far from being splendid. As far as Madrid is concerned, they have greater liquidity, because at all times it was expected that this summer, at least, a crack would arrive. Dortmund's economic crisis accelerated the possible departure of its star. Just as sports doubts add ingredients to the summer cocktail. Right now they are fifth, out of the Champions League, and playing the top continental competition is essential for Haaland. Michael Zorc, Borusser sports director, came up against so much progress with a clear "not for sale". We'll see who wins the pulse.

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