Gulliver Espanyol faces COVID and a 'giant killer'

The parrots, without two positives and with Raúl de Tomás as the starter, defend the lead against Fuenlabrada, which has just given Mallorca four.


Framed in a time of other times, five in the afternoon, perhaps another classic serves but from literature to describe this Espanyol-Fuenlabrada better than anyone (follow the game live on Accustomed to being measured (and sometimes even to beating) with colossi of the stature of Real Madrid or Barcelona in the Brobdingnag of football, in their shipwreck adrift the parakeets landed on the island of Lilliput, a Smartbank League full of threats, such as the 'matagigantes' azulón that today visits the RCDE Stadium. Although, for Lilliputian, that bug called coronavirus that leaves two local players in the gutter. So, with permission from Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's adventures go through Second today.

Not in vain, Espanyol has regained the lead, which it will try to hold in this final stretch, thanks to the fact that it has gone unbeaten for eight days. Half, four, have a Fuenlabrada that performs better away from Fernando Torres without losing at home. Nobody would say it after Monday's 4-1 against Mallorca, which precisely allowed the Blue and Whites to be at the top of the table. The merit of José Luis Oltra's team, and before José Ramón Sandoval, is that this season he has already been able to defeat the vermilion, Leganés and draw without going any further with the parrots.

That first round match ended up being marked by an imprecision between Diego López and Cabrera, also protagonists in the 1-3 of the past day in Castellón, where a more associative, supportive Espanyol was confirmed, owner of the situation, boosted by the homegrown players Melendo, Melamed and especially Darder, but also by Embarba, infallible in his appointment with the assists. Although Pedrosa and Puado return from the U21s, their title on Tuesday against the Czech Republic suggests that Vicente Moreno probably has Castalia's lineup, except for one of the positives in COVID-19, which may lead to the entry of Vadillo, and a important detail: the return of Raúl de Tomás, injured against Logroñés and substitute last day.Nor is it that everything is joy in Fuenlabrada, since casualties continue to occur in Oltra's team. Cristóbal's, this time, will be due to the accumulation of cards. A setback for the Valencian coach. The loss of the azulón conductor will be replaced by Pathé Ciss, muscle instead of touch. However, the person in charge of putting the Azulona magic will be a Pinchi who arrives in a state of grace after scoring two goals against Mallorca. In addition to the Coruñés, they will repeat all of the victory against Mallorca except Sotillos, for Iribas, and Juanma, for Diéguez. 'The Adventures of Gulliver' begin.

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