Guardiola, against UEFA and FIFA

The Manchester City manager criticized the two bodies, as he believes they are not giving footballers enough rest in a busy season.


Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, criticized the lack of rest that exists this season in football and pointed out that UEFA and FIFA are "killing the players". "It's too much," said the Spanish coach. "They are human beings, not machines. I know that some of them are sad because you want to play everything, but that is not possible," said Guardiola, who in the victory against Leicester City made six changes compared to the last game.

"To be well in all competitions this year without spectators, in the shortest season in history, if you do not break you cannot compete and you could not be in the position we are in," he added.

"They could play, yes, they have an incredible mentality, but they need to rest. UEFA and FIFA kill players because it is too much. We haven't had a bye week since we started."

Elimination against Lyon: "It was painful, of course. Losses hurt. It was a disappointment, but here we are again."

The price and level of Haaland: "Paying a lot of money for a footballer does not give you more chances of winning. Football is a team sport. The club has decided not to spend figures close to or greater than 100 million. Perhaps in the future it will happen , but right now it is not going to happen. He is an exceptional striker, that is all I can say, but it is not appropriate for me to talk about a player from another team. A blind man would see that he is a great striker, he does not need to be a coach ".

Match against Dortmund: "If we play well and deserve it, we will qualify, if not we will try again next year. I have prepared this game in the same way as I have prepared all the other games."

Champions: "We are already a great team and a great club. But of course everyone wants to win the Champions League. Although just because we want to, we are not going to win it, we also have to play well."

The Premier League is the only major league that does not allow five substitutions per game and maintains it at three.

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