Griffin Strikes Back: "They've Been Saying How Bad I Am For Two Years"

"I don't know why we are the villains, I don't know what we should do, the goal is supposed to be to have the best possible team," says Nash.


In the NBA there always has to be a topic of debate and now, without a doubt, is (again) that of the super teams. The arrival through buyout of Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge to the Nets, to act as secondary media in the service of an atomic big three (Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving-James Harden) is the center of the League today. Many assume that neither Griffin nor LaMarcus are at the level of their best times ... but they are still reinforcements obtained without giving anything in return and with minimal contracts.

Now the very system of buyouts that favors the main applicants so much (the Lakers just got Andre Drummond) is questioned and it is debated whether the Nets do not have too much. Kevin Durant has already answered on social networks to those who accuse him of not being able to win alone or almost alone ("I will never achieve alone any of the things I want to achieve in life"), and Blake Griffin has been the last to leave in defense of his team and the decisions that his components have been making to meet in Brooklyn, where they have become, for many, the new official villain of the NBA.

“I find all this funny,” said Griffin incisively, who left the Pistons to hunt for the ring in the Big Apple, “for the last two years all I've heard about myself is how lousy I was already. And now chips for this team and everything is, this is not fair! People say what they want, I don't give it much more importance. ”

Steve Nash, the (rookie) coach in charge of making so much talent work as a team, doesn't quite understand the debate that has closed around them either: “I don't even know what it means in this context that we're the villains. I guess people like to talk, argue… I know Blake said they call him a villain now after two years telling him he sucked. ”

The two-time MVP with the Suns of Mike D'Antoni, now his assistant in the Nets, insists on considering the comments surrounding his team ridiculous: “It seems we have done something illegal. I don't know what we were supposed to have done, sit around without trying to improve our rotation? It is assumed that what is about in this League is to make the best possible team. And even that doesn't guarantee you anything. ”

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