Good feelings for Baskonia, but with a worrying injury

TD Systems Baskonia won on the court of Andorra, which is still in bad shape because of the casualties. Giedraitis and Sedekerskis were the most successful.


The game was very close until the break. One of the problems that Baskonia had to face was Henry's injury when he was running in the 15th minute. The American hurt his foot and the rest of the game watched him from the bench and the bicycle. 34-36 at the equator with 9 points from Giedraitis and 8 from Youssoupha Fall. The second part was already another story.

But, for the injured, those of MoraBanc Andorra. There were more people in the row of headdresses than on the bench, which had to be completed with the summons of boys from the second team. Navarro surprised with Jelinek and Paulí in the starting five. It was like a wake-up call to Senglin. And it didn't go wrong since, after a basket by Sy, Paulí's first triple came.

Those from the Principality took the initiative in the first installment with a great role from Parisian Sy (9 points in 7 minutes). Fall's entry onto the court again created problems for his rivals and, by the end of the opening quarter, things were 23-21. By then Andorra had already shown its power in the offensive rebound but, from 25-26, with a triple by Vildoza, TD Systems began to take the initiative on the scoreboard. Ivanovic's men adjusted their defense better and balanced the rebound.

Lithuanian Kulvietis made his debut at MoraBanc, showing that he still lacks acclimatization. Until the break the two teams made few personal fouls. And that faced two old acquaintances who usually bet on intensity. Ibón Navarro was second to Ivanovic at Baskonia and tried to surprise the Montenegrin with some defensive traps such as the zone with which he closed the second quarter. 34-36 and everyone to the changing rooms at break time.

TD Systems started to break through in the third period (42-51, min. 24) with the two highly inspired Lithuanians, both Sedekerskis and, above all, Giedraitis. Senglin, with 10 points in 7 minutes, was the one who held the locals in the light. Andorra wasted in the 29th minute an unsportsmanlike one that managed fatally. Paulí missed both free throws and his team later lost possession. 52-63, highest so far, and ten minutes ahead to resolve tomorrow.

The two teams accumulated 9 losses as soon as the final quarter began but, in the third, which was the take-off, Ivanovic's team only committed one. The last minutes were relatively comfortable for the Basques (55-71, min. 34, although then there were approaches like 64-71) and they resolved the match in a definitive week in which they will have to win in Valencia in the Euroleague and wait for the stumbles Real Madrid and Zenit if they want to enter the Top-8. The extent of Henry's injury will have to be seen, as he looks like a sprained ankle on his right foot; As soon as you arrive in Vitoria, you will be given the relevant tests.

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