Gabriel Paulista stops the Real

Guevara and Isak overtook a Real depleted by casualties; Carlos Soler missed a penalty with 0-0; Paulista forced the controversial 1-2 penalty and signed it 2-2; Maxi Gómez was expelled.


The Real Sociedad digested the losses with which it came better at the Mestalla than its two-goal advantage with which it reached the break. Guevara and Isak, after Carlos Soler missed a penalty, put a Real who had ten absences ahead of him, who more starter. But, after passing through the changing rooms, Gabriel Paulista emerged as the protagonist, first forcing a penalty that was transformed by Wass and scoring a final 2-2 shot, a draw that in the final stretch was endangered for Valencia by an irresponsible expulsion of Maxi Gomez. In the end, the distribution of points, which after the draw between Betis and Atlético allows Real to continue in fifth place and leaves Valencia where they lived, in a nobody's zone ... and thank you.

The afternoon began with the hall to the champion, a warning for Valencia who was visiting him. La Real also arrived to defend their fifth place in the league, although many of those who made them touch the sky in Seville stayed in San Sebastián. Bailiff had almost an eleven at home and young De Zárate took advantage of it. At the age of 20, he made his debut as a starter at Mestalla, but not in Primera, because his debut was in September against Real Madrid even if he only played one minute. De Zárate closed the line of five for which Alguacil chose, with Guevara, his only available pivot, carrying the weight of his center and beyond.Grace, on the other hand, put her eleven more similar to that of gala. Among them Diakhaby, who was returning after what happened in Cádiz to the grass, from where no one should have to leave because of his race. Thus, the main novelty of Valencia was the return to the ownership of Cheryshev. Guedes has made his own the position of second striker that he demanded so much and Maxi Gómez another afternoon with the mission of breaking a face-to-door drought that has lasted since January 4 and that due to his absurd expulsion he will do so for at least 15 more days.

Football consists of taking advantage of the mistakes of the rival and that the Real did it to perfection. The first part was an anodyne pace, in which the San Sebastian were imposed by punch and credibility in their aspirations. Valencia neither put in intensity with which to punish Real, who had just played a final and another derby during the week, nor did they take advantage of the opportunity they had in the form of a penalty. Carlos Soler sent the ball into the stands from 11 meters, thus missing his second penalty of eight that he has taken this season. The penalty came from those hands that are whistled today, although not even Gorosabel, the offender, protested it on this occasion.

La Real had possession, although it lacked depth. But only four minutes after Carlos Soler's failure, he found her on a long ball that was looking for Isak and, after Oyarzabal dodged three defenders, Guevera sent him to the back of the net from the front with more precision than power. Valencia claimed positional offside, although from the VAR they said to get out of the center.

That goal perhaps did not do justice to the merits of Real, although it did punish the demerits of Valencia. Neither Gayà nor Thierry found spaces to deepen and Guedes and Maxi Gómez were the face of impotence, a want and I cannot. And when the game was heading to rest, an error by Gabriel Paulista and a bad collation from Jaume led Isak to stand in the area and his subsequent bitten shot ended at 0-2. Thirteenth goal by the Swede, who is on his way to surpassing the 16 he made last year between the League and the Cup.

Alguacil left De Zárate out after passing through the changing rooms. The kid dragged a card and the game was not for the Real to complicate it by an expulsion. The outlook on the lawn changed little from the start. La Real continued to do their thing, with a two-goal lead, and Valencia still did not put one more speed to their pressure and insistence. However, the Che got into the game with a scarf penalty. Very clear in Valencia, non-existent in San Sebastián. Carlos Fernández stepped on Gabriel Paulista after clearing the ball and the VAR respected Pizarro Gómez's decision. Carlos Soler stepped aside and it was Wass who transformed him.

Valencia had half an hour to maintain their streak at Mestalla and the entry of Yunus and Gameiro by Cheryshev and Racic was a declaration of intentions by Gracia. Guedes fell on the left wing and from there he had the leading role that he had not had as a hitch. Valencia began to assert its physical freshness and the draw came precisely from a Portuguese center that Gabriel Paulista finished off perfectly. The Spanish-Brazilian thus became the protagonist of the comeback and made up for the mistake he made at 0-2. He was even the actor of another decision protested by the Real, an action in which he could be expelled.

Valencia had the game where he could not have imagined at rest and yet Maxi Gómez insisted on making it even more complicated. The Uruguayan was carried away by his character in his protest to Pizarro Gómez and in 30 seconds he saw yellow for a foul and another for his complaint. The red of the irresponsible. With one less, Valencia already considered the draw for good and until the end the dominance was once again by Real, who with more will than legs, launched for the third goal, which Januzaj purred, although without finding his goal. auction, and Bautista, who on the turn in the area ran into Jaume.

Sheriff: "It was a match to have won"

-It gives the feeling that it is a point that does not leave them happy ...

I agree. Not only because we have been 0-2 ahead, but because of the game we have played. And for the game we played, for how we have behaved against a great rival. Thank the players for their commitment, this team is never going to get carried away. Today I feel sorry because we have been superior to Valencia in many aspects, we have left them alive because we have not succeeded and then they have great players and they can tie you, as has happened.

-Has the Real only lacked to finish off the result with the third goal?

We have all seen it very clearly, he was thus being superior and the 1-2 has helped them to get into the game a bit. But even with their first goal, the team has continued to play with personality, we have done a lot of things well, it was a game of having won and it annoys me for that, but if we had been more successful we would have won. We deserved more than we got. It is one more point and we add, we stay with that.

-Does it bother you that the player who should have been sent off a little earlier scores a tie for you?

I am not talking about the referees and now I am not going to do it either. You at home will have seen everything better than I did on the bench. I only take care of the rival, the game and my players. That is why I must congratulate my players because they have recovered from all adversities and they have not stopped believing. Nothing more. —Ramajo.

Gracia: "We must assess the ability not to decline"

Valencia coach, Javi Gracia, said after the tie at two against Real Sociedad that in this match we must assess the ability of the team not to decline despite having reached the break with a handicap of 0-2.

"We did not start badly although they had more possession, but we cannot afford the luxuries of missing clear chances," said Gracia, referring to the penalty missed by Carlos Soler with 0-0 on the scoreboard.

"At halftime we were affected, but we fought and drew. In addition, in the end we scored lower," continued the Navarrese coach, who regretted that his team gave the rivals an advantage with rectifiable errors.Grace pointed out that she does not have her mind on the end of the season but rather on preparing each game in the best possible way based on ambition and will to win, while she indicated that she tries to make the most of the resources available .

He also ruled on the expulsion of Maxi Gómez with a direct red card ten minutes from the end and indicated that it is an action that they should try to avoid regardless of what it entails at a specific moment and on the footballer's contribution to the team, he admitted that he has problems to see the door, but what contributes and proof of this are the penalties it has caused. EFE

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