Gabriel Deck, 3.9 million in less than three months: Why?

The brand-new Thunder signing will take a huge amount of money through June. The reason? The NBA salary floor, which will give you a lot of money.


Gabriel Deck will sign in the next few hours with the Thunder. His departure from Real Madrid has been a major surprise in many ways; in the first place, for making himself known just a few hours after Pablo Laso's team qualified for the quarterfinals of the Euroleague. But also because of the huge amount of money that the Argentine is going to collect between now and June, almost 4 million dollars, which contrasts in excess with the 400,000 that he received from the white club. What's more, salary is one of the main reasons why the forward, who had already asked for a salary increase in his renewal at Madrid, has decided to leave. But why is Gabriel Deck going to charge so much between now and June? It is the big question that many fans ask themselves, either because of the impact they have had when knowing their goodbye or because they are surprised at the expenses that the Thunder are going to make for a 26-year-old player who does not fully fit into a project in which he prevails young people and for a forward who, having a great reputation in Europe, is not one of the main names in the maximum continental competition.

Everything has an explanation and in the NBA these are usually multiple and varied. Everything related to salaries and money is complex in the best league in the world, which boasts strict but multiple rules, difficult to understand for a fan of European sports who is not used to seeing exchanges between players. If someone goes to another team in the Old Continent, the normal thing is that it is in exchange for a certain stipulated amount and not with another member of a staff other than their own. The NBA also differs from Europe by trying to find non-existent pay equality in competitions related to everything that is not the United States; and for that reason, concepts such as the "luxury tax", the "salary limit" and derivatives are so much beyond the understanding of the average fan, the one who follows the NBA but is not totally immersed in it.

The reason Deck is going to charge so much money is the salary floor, translated as minimum wage. The Players Association establishes a maximum and minimum amount of money that teams can pay their players for each season. The salary cap is a cap that limits the total salaries that a team can pay its players during a salary cap year, but it has a number of exceptions. Because the salary cap has exceptions and because teams can exceed it and only pay a tax, it is often called a “soft” cap (that is where the luxury tax would come in), unlike the NFL which, on the other hand , has a "strict" cap system in which no team can exceed that cap for any reason. The minimum team salary is a floor that requires teams to spend at least 90% of the salary cap on their players during a cap year. The salary cap year is the period between July 1 and the following June 30.

Despite the fact that the sanction is minimal and only means that the team that does not reach 90% has to pay the same as if it had arrived, the Thunder have preferred to cover the figure. Sam Presti had 3.9 million left to reach 90%, a figure he had to reach before June 30. This covers him in a net and complete way with the operation that involves Gabirel Deck, who will receive precisely that amount until the end of the season. This allows the Thunder to reach the salary floor, and follow the player for a few games before the Olympics. In the same way, it favors the player, who was looking for a higher salary than he had at Real Madrid and leaves with a lucrative financial offer and the possibility of signing a contract for the next three years. In other words: everyone wins except Real Madrid. And all, because of the salary floor, a concept that is being talked about a lot these days thanks to Gabriel Deck. Who would know?

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