Froome and Van der Poel join the criticism for the drums

The four-time Tour champion and the cyclo-cross world champion were the last to show their anger at the new UCI regulations after what happened with Schär in Flanders.

The outrage continues in the peloton after the Swiss cyclist Michael Schär was expelled from the last Tour of Flanders after giving a jerrycan to some fans in an area outside the limits established by the race.In addition to the cyclists who have already criticized the rigor of the UCI with this measure that came into force on April 1, more riders have joined in criticizing the organization to reconsider it. In fact, even Michael Schär himself wrote a letter addressed to the UCI in which he acknowledged that having picked up a jerrycan as a child encouraged him to become a cyclist.

One of the last to speak was Giro, Tour and Vuelta champion Chris Froome. The British Israel Start-Up Nation shared a video in which he appears throwing a jerrycan at a fan during the last stage of the last Volta a Catalunya accompanied by the following comment: "This would have been a disqualification this week. Ridiculous, UCI."

In a very similar position, the Dutchman Mathieu Van der Poel, world champion of cyclo-cross, was manifested through a 'story' on his Instagram account. Van der Poel shared the photo of Schär with his son accompanied by the text: "UCI, please take note"

Thomas de Gendt also wanted to pronounce on this matter with some irony and protesting against this new rule. "About yesterday's 'Bottlegate'. Just a reflection: Why is there a publicity caravan on the grand tours? Why are spectators allowed to throw things away? I understand that we cannot throw things into nature. But give it a jerrycan to an amateur who asks you is something totally different ".

Another of the most emotional claims about this cause comes from the British cyclist Alex Dowsett, who wanted to share the personal experience he lived in a race with a bottle as the protagonist. "Following the disqualification of Michael Schär and his brilliant post I want to tell you a story about this bottle, jerrycan or piece of rubbish. We were on the 2016 Tour of Britain in the south-west of the country. The 'grupetto' was heading to a I finished at the top and a young man was on the side of the road with his mother. He was as close to the road as they would allow him and he had already obtained several cans and I gave him mine from Movistar to add to his collection. Fortunately a photographer captured the moment and took the photo you have here. The photo was a phenomenon on social networks with many people commenting on how cycling and sport inspired future generations ".

"This is Arlo. After the race his family came over to tell me how much they and Arlo appreciated the gestures of many runners that day, including me. A couple of months passed and Arlo and his family traveled to London to come to the event Lettlebleeders charity where Arlo, who had hemophilia problems, became an ambassador. This bottle, jerry can or piece of garbage has connected a child with a sport, a child with a way of exercising, a child with a cause charity and even a child with the knowledge of a condition that they would never have heard of until they had this bottle, jerrycan or piece of trash. As cyclists we have to be aware of where to dump the waste and racing should make it easier for us to Let's be responsible, but these bottles are collectibles and, more importantly, part of the sport that gives us credit. Now this photo would be a reason for disqualification in cycling ", lamented Dowsett.

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