Freestyle football in Cornellà

Espanyol is going from win to win with a great performance from their dribblers, with Melamed, Embarba and Darder as standards of the game.


End of the adage. From win to win until the final promotion, with a streak and a crescendo of football, which began as an adage but now takes place to the rhythm of heavy metal. Espanyol has been disheveled in the most decisive section of the course, which it reaches without having mercy on its rivals, be it Logroñés (4-0), Castellón (1-3) or Fuenlabrada (4-0), three teams that even They came to play a good part of their games with ten players because the Parakeet team forces them to go to the limit, and that debauchery has a toll that Vicente Moreno's, leaders one more day, take advantage of.

The dribbles. The leadership is supported by a team that has taken a step forward in recent weeks. Espanyol plays in the opposite field and its best players shine again. Darder, Embarba and Melamed enjoy their dribbling: they faint, turn, brake, accelerate, with the right and with the left; they even abuse, beat, smile. As if they were on any field on the street, under the lights of the neighborhood, where the greatest acrobatics is the most awarded. Three moments define them, quality in its purest form.

The drive. Espanyol's first chance was a shot at the post by RdT (which deflected a Dimata of anarchic movements) in minute 6. But it is better to rewind the play. Everything is born from a ball that Darder receives in his own area, surrounded by five players with his back turned. The one from Artà made a control oriented towards the free side and with his left he put a ball to Dídac so that he would get out of the traffic jam and join the highway. Details that already cheer up a game, like after his majestic play that led to the 3-0. Darder is the true drive.

The lizard. From the cold blood of Darder to the speed of Melamed, who moves on the grass like a lizard, able to change direction in a meter as many times as he wants to. It happened in the 27th minute, when he controlled the ball in the large area after a corner kick and, surrounded by rivals, he was able to hold it and go deeper where there was space. In Melamed there are actions only available to a select few. It moves through the countryside with the freedom of a child in any park.

A benchmark. Not so gifted by that wand, but with another gift in his legs, Embarba handles himself totally renewed. The winger went back to thrashing, giving assists, dribbling and making plays that would appear in any summary, like the one he starred in before the break in which he left three players with his verticality and with a pipe included. Less skilled perhaps than Melamed, but more powerful in his movements. Again he shows that he is one of the best players in the category.

The concert. With these three artists, who not only offer productive solutions to the game but also enjoy their virguerías, the Espanyol of Raúl de Tomás, who returned with two new goals, remains firm and leader of the category, putting pressure on Almería, which will be one of the next rivals. Not the COVID, nor the casualties of those of the internationals oppose a Espanyol that seems to have recovered its hammer and its coherence. And the players know that only the last part of the concert remains.

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