Florentino calls elections

The club has announced the Board's decision to open the electoral process. The announcement comes after businessman Enrique Riquelme hinted at his idea of introducing himself.


Florentino Pérez has kicked off a new electoral process at Real Madrid. This has been announced by the white club through an official statement. "The President, after hearing the Board of Directors held today, and in accordance with article 38 section b of the Real Madrid CF bylaws, has requested the Electoral Board to initiate the procedure for calling elections to President and Board of Directors", reads said statement. This means that the whole process rushes from this point on. The Electoral Board, from this moment on, has 48 hours to formalize the start of the term for the presentation of candidatures. When this has happened, there will be a period of ten days for the presentation of candidatures. If there is only one, it will be chosen automatically.

On this occasion, the electoral process has advanced. If only the candidacy of Florentino Pérez is presented, he could be proclaimed president four more years before 15 days. In the exercise of his mandate as president, Florentino called the 2004 elections in June, the same month he chose in 2017 and 2013, with the sports campaign already over. The 2009 elections were also called in June.

Madrid is heading for possible elections in which there are still no official candidates, but in which the presence of the current president of the entity is expected. Florentino carried out the same procedure four years ago, in 2017, but finally he did not have to go to the elections because no more candidates were presented and he began a new term on June 18 of that year. The members of the Madrid club have not gone to the polls since 2006, when Ramón Calderón won. The announcement comes a week after businessman Enrique Riquelme hinted at his intention to run for the next election.

With the statement issued this Holy Thursday by Madrid, the process that is specified in article 40 of the Club's Statutes begins.

Article 40 | Procedure A) Within the two days following the occurrence of the event that motivates the need to hold elections for President and Board of Directors, the Electoral Board will agree to start the electoral process by opening a period of ten calendar days, at count from its publication, in order for the candidatures to be submitted. The expressed agreement must be announced on the notice board provided for this purpose at the head office and published in at least two Madrid newspapers.

If two candidatures are presented, the deadlines would be the following, according to the Statutes.

Article 41 | From the voting. If there is a place for voting because two or more valid Candidacies have been proclaimed, the Electoral Board, within the next business day from the date of proclamation of the last of the Candidacies presented, will designate the day of the holding of the appropriate votes. within the following fifteen days.The call must be announced on the Club notice board and, at least, in two Madrid newspapers, stating the day, place and time in which the election will take place, and the valid Candidacies Non-business days will be considered for all electoral purposes those between the 1st and 31st of August.

Therefore, as information for club members (more than 92,000), the deadlines from now on are as follows: two days for the Electoral Board to open the deadline for submitting candidacies. Ten days for these candidatures to be submitted. If there is more than one valid candidacy, the elections would be set within the following 15 days (after 15 days) .

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