Ferrari's spectacular gift to Leclerc

The Monegasque driver has been happy with the detail of his team to recognize his 2019 triumphs.


Charles Leclerc endorsed his enormous talent when he achieved two consecutive victories with Ferrari in the 2019 Belgian and Italian Grand Prix. At the wheel of the SF90 he made the Scuderia fans vibrate especially in the home race, thus confirming the great bet of future of those from Maranello.

Now the team wanted to recognize that achievement of Carlos Sainz's current teammate with a very special gift for the Monegasque rider. It was Leclerc himself who was in charge of provoking the interest of his 4.3 million followers on Instagram by publishing the message “Something special has just arrived home”, accompanying the image of a vehicle covered by a red Ferrari tarpaulin up on the platform of a crane.

Three hours later, the enigma was cleared. It was then that he showed the photo of a unit of the SF90 with the number 16, as the team confirmed later with the publication of a publication on its official Twitter account in which they wished Leclerc to enjoy such a valuable gift.

It is common for the Italian team to give up some of its cars to its most representative drivers, such as Kimi Raikkonen recently or Fernando Alonso himself, who exhibits them in his museum in Asturias.

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