Expelled from Flanders for giving a jerk to a fan

The problem for Michael Schar (Ag2r) is that he did it outside the allowed zone for waste and the stewards had no mercy with the regulation in hand.


Michael Schar was expelled from the Tour of Flanders after strictly applying the new regulations of the International Cycling Union. The new regulations, which created controversy because they prohibited certain positions on the bike, were also clear in terms of disposing of waste: never outside the permitted areas for cleaning reasons and also for the risk of falls. That was what the Swiss Ag2r cyclist did, throwing a bottle in a prohibited area, although the reason was that he threw it to some fans who were witnessing the test (one of the few who saw each other after the request not to attend ) and that they were cheering him on at the time.

The stewards did not take this into account and, with the regulations in hand, they proceeded to inform the runner that he was expelled from the race. The action quickly opened a great debate on social networks, since although throwing him out of the test was what the regulation dictates, this goes against a traditional custom in cycling, that of rewarding fans of the gutters with a memory of the passage the race. It remains to be seen whether from now on all the judges will apply this rule so strictly.

Photos from as.com

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