Espanyol and Leganés, accounts to upload and pending accounts

Summit duel for promotion to First between the leader, the fourth and their recent past in common. Vicente Moreno and Garitano, touched on the right side.


The myth of Sisyphus, so present in parakeet history, mocks the regional confinement imposed in Catalonia to appear at the RCDE Stadium. To test a Espanyol that flies in the last days unbridled towards Primera, but that sees in his rival this Sunday something more than a monster from Leganés who comes to see him; and to tempt the balance of a cucumber squad that still has time to release its backpack and climb up to direct ascent (follow the game live on .

The accounts to upload, in two teams designed for that purpose, go through these three points in an encounter with another type of accounts: the pending ones. They feel at Espanyol, they even publicly acknowledge it - "we want revenge," Calero said on Friday - that Leganés has marked some of their darkest moments. This season, with Butarque 2-0, the grayer game with Vicente Moreno on the bench. And the last one, precisely in Cornellà, with a 0-1 that led to a reduction consummated by the Blue and Whites only three days later. It is not surprising that the fans prepare a special reception, with a snorting: it is a special date, and even more so if another 'ogre', Almería, waits for the next day.

It will also be a remarkable appointment for Raúl de Tomás, who has just been voted as the MVP of the past day, from scoring two doublets against Fuenlabrada and Albacete, and who is waiting for the 'top scorer'. Or for Embarba, who could be a cucumber in 2015 and now stands as the maximum assistant in Spanish professional football. But Dídac or the very young Omar will also acquire relevance, as one of the two will be the replacement of Óscar Gil, who dislocated his shoulder at Carlos Belmonte. Or Cabrera, former Getafe player and therefore former 'enemy' cucumber, on his return after serving a sanction. Not so, Melendo and Lluís, still on sick leave due to COVID-19.

The Leganés, for its part, is looking for hooks for its illusion. Stimuli that unleash the hope of a conspicuously gentrified territory. What was five years ago (playing a promotion playoff to First) was cause for extreme hope, now it has mutated a minor prize with tinges of disappointment. Consequences of a fleeting passage through the elite that has honed the muzzle of a demanding hobby where it was not before. Curious. So he needs to storm Cornellà to show himself that he can aspire to great feats, something that he failed to show off neither in Almería nor in Mallorca.

Like Vicente Moreno, Garitano –who could once be a parakeet technician– turns to his right-hand side due to the rosary of casualties that weighs down his defense. The last, that of Sergi Palencia, a culé of pure strain who longed to play against Espanyol and that, beyond rivalries inherited from his past, promised to be an effective resource for Leganés. With Bustinza, another possible replacement, also touched, Garitano will have to choose between the also exculé Tarín or the ex-Spaniard Rosales. Plan B involves using both of them in a 5-3-2 that would protect that right-hander more. From playing with a line of four, Tarín wins whole since Rosales is no longer that deep-back who played for Espanyol, to whom he contributed to give his last European pass in 2019.

Miquel, Lasure and Borja Bastón (this one sanctioned) complete the low cucumbers and will enhance the other great doubt: the occupant of the front. Sabin Merino and Miguel are the candidates. Juan Muñoz, the possible covered surprise. Something similar to what happens in Espanyol between the 4-4-2 with Dimata together with Raúl de Tomás, which can be repeated for the third consecutive day, or the 4-2-3-1 of most of this season that arrives at one of his summit appointments. With Sisyphus threatening to do his thing.

Keys from the handReception

The parakeet fans, led by the Curva, prepare a 'scarf' to receive the coach. Crucial match atmosphere in Cornellà.

Relative pressure

With promotion as a real goal, Leganés travels without the extreme need to score. And that makes it more dangerous.Dilemma

Without Óscar Gil, with a dislocated shoulder, the natural thing would be to put 17-year-old Omar, but everything indicates that Dídac will do it on foot changed.Another right-hander

The right-hander also worries Garitano. Without Palencia or Bustinza, Rosales will play, in poor form, or Tarín, with physical problems.Aces to follow Raúl de Tomás

He comes from converting two doubles, from being the MVP of the last day and stalks the 'top scorer' from Second.


He has relieved Cuéllar to make the goal impenetrable. Against Sabadell he returned to save the pepineros.

Highs and Lows

Spain: Cabrera returns, Óscar Gil falls and Melendo and Lluís continue to leave due to COVID-19.

Leganés: Palencia, Bustinza, Lasure and Miquel fell due to injury and Borja Bastón due to sanction. Avilés returns.

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