Embiid returns to confront Towns and the row does not subside

The Cameroonian returned from his injury and did it against his archrival. Sparks flew between Towns and all the 76ers, who are not forgetting the 2019 fight.


Everything returned to calm between them but because they had not crossed. The last major fight in the NBA took place in 2019, with a confrontation between the Sixers and the Wolves, a Jimmy Butler who clearly took the game and a train crash between Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthoy Towns that ended with this second in the ground and begging for mercy while applying a key of John Cena, the WWE megastar. A dantesque image. Part of the pandemic has passed, a painful loss for the Dominican, the teams have further increased their positions in the classification and others, but the animosity continues.

Protocol fist clash and little else. Then, display of a chopped Towns on Embiid's return. The Cameroonian returned to action after being ten games out with a left knee injury and could not choose a better day to do so. A poster and a cap opened the ban and the 76ers players reacted with tension and harshness, as if remembering what happened two years ago. To this was added that Towns was one of the few threats against them.

Eyes rolled in the sockets of the onlookers who saw Embiid grab Towns nearly by the neck on a play in the fourth quarter. Towns, who had smashed over Embiid's head in the first half, went all the way to the basket again, but the inside of the premises prevented it with an action that had to be reviewed. The African apologized to his opponent, knowing that he had not been violent in the play but was liable to receive a warning for unsportsmanlike, to which the American responded with a gesture of unmasked anger. Embiid resorted to free throws, hitting 12, to save his night, while Towns left with 39 points but with the loss to the hotel.

From a less animated start, he switched to the exchange of blows. Without the blood reaching the river, but increasing the temperature at times. Towns' fever activated Embiid, and what little he did helped the Sixers take a bit of a lead in the second quarter. That's where Edwards (27), the other second of the night, along with Harris (36), responded so that the Sixers would not leave for good. Simmons joined the party, the locals picked up the pace and the feelings were already good for them. The Wolves were pulling pure individual talent, without Ricky Rubio - due to back pain - back on the court, and with that they knew how to squeeze their options as far as they could. The defense of Finch's men did leave something to be desired, with good reason they are the worst team in the West, and because of that gap their strength left. With the lead stabilized in the fifteen until the last period began, strains aside, the Wolves managed to lower it to four with two minutes to go, but their inability to stop simple blocking and post actions gave the 76ers the final push.

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