Doubts at the worst moment

After repeating the line-up for the fourth time in a row, Koeman had to change the drawing to win against Valladolid and faces the Classic with questions.


Koeman has made it clear since he arrived at the Camp Nou bench that he is a technician that when something works he is not in favor of touching anything. Since he found the formula for the three centrals, nothing has made him touch the system. Neither the rivals, nor the accumulation of minutes of their favorite players, not even the danger of yellow cards as happened against Valladolid. Messi and De Jong, who also came from playing everything with the Netherlands, came out on the pitch with the threat that if they were reprimanded they would miss the Classic. But Koeman is not one to change and he repeated his lineup for the fourth consecutive game.

However, things did not work out as he imagined and in the second half, faced with the resistance of a great Valladolid who knew how to cut the game on the wings of the Blaugrana team, he was forced to rectify. The Dutchman returned to the 4-3-3 drawing and the end of the game was a siege without order and accumulation of attackers in front of the Valladolid goal, which was defended with one man less. The flute sounded over the horn, but doubts appeared at the worst moment. Six days after playing the Classic.

No one doubts that if the match had been solved with solvency, the eleven for the decisive match against Madrid would be marked, but after what was seen against Sergio González's team, possibilities are opened.From the outset, there are doubts about the position of De Jong and Dembélé. The Dutchman can play as a center-back to clean the ball out, but he proved to be more effective in midfield. His is the play that ends up deciding the game against the Castilians.

As for Demebélé, the Frenchman made it clear that he is much more effective in either of the two bands than in the nine position. Without spaces and receiving from behind loses effectiveness.

In defense, the option to enter Araújo, much more forceful than Mingueza, opens up. The rear is pending the physical condition and the evolution of Piqué and Sergi Roberto, but it does not seem that they can reach Saturday in time. At least the center with which you do not want to risk.

Beyond the names, there is the debate about the system to be used against Madrid. Until yesterday it was clear that it was going to be the one with three centrals with lanes but doubts have appeared.

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