Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do to the First

Espanyol has 21 league victories and leaves the third-placed team ten points behind. Video library goals from Darder and birthday boy Melamed to beat Leganés (2-1).


Guns N 'Roses. That it sounded twice in a row, waiting for the departure of the Espanyol and Leganés players, the song 'Welcome to the jungle' was a harbinger of rock with which they were going to delight parakeets and pepineros. The first to make the loudspeakers explode was a Darder who invented a goal from 40 meters. The start was brilliant, just what was expected of a Espanyol that seems to have put the direct to Primera. The defeat of Almería in Zaragoza put a tailwind on it and it took advantage of it to fly. It was necessary to overcome the error in the Panenka penalty from RdT that would have been 2-0 and 1-1 in the second half, but it was in the chosen minute that Melamed emerged. He celebrated his birthday (20) with a goal that even more exalts him. That "remember my name" thing has become too small for him. The career that awaits him is prodigious so allow the license now: "I saw Nico Melamed play" .

Of record. Espanyol came out ready to put Leganés on the canvas from the start and not even in his best dreams would he have imagined signing 1-0 in the first seconds of the game. Darder thought that of 'do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today' and said and done. His 1-0 gave wings to a parakeet that celebrated the victory with a loud and happy "let's go". A thorny path still awaits him to Primera, but he has planted many roses. There are 24 points at stake (eight games) and the glory is in their hands. The parakeets already add the magical figure of 21 victories, they add 70 points is a real outrage. To see how colossal the data is, it is enough to detail that Huesca, last season, was proclaimed champion and rose to First with the same score. The record in recent years is held by Depor, who finished the league first in the 2011-12 season with 91 points. Those of Vicente Moreno if they propose it… why not?

Moments. Espanyol has five victories in a row (there are 11 games without losing) and it is time to go back to January 31 to see the last time the Parakeet team finished a duel without scoring a single point. The victory against Leganés has many parents, but the good thing about the blue and white block is precisely that: the block. If Dimata did not put pressure on Riesgo at 1-0, the goalkeeper would not have cleared desperately and Darder would not have received that ball. Diego López saved two goals, one in the first half after a mistake by Dídac and another in the second. And the stick, which also plays, helped him with a shot from Juan Muñoz. RdT missed the penalty yes, but he is a player who adds more than remains. Keidi Bare placed the center that ended in the goal of Melamed ... and so it could be followed one by one to make a Espanyol that reaches the final stretch as a shot. And with a mattress that allows you to dream hard.

'Gloria als herois'. There was a gap on the right side and Dídac Vilà occupied it. He made mistakes, some, but he delivered. When he is claimed he is and was the first, after 2-1, to urge the team not to let go with the cry of "go for the third". Confidence is everything and his 150 league games with Espanyol make him part of the history of the Parakeet club. And if he is history, the fans are what keeps him alive more than ever. The arrival of the team to Cornellà-El Prat was once again to be enjoyed. La Curva unfolded a banner that read 'we saw you go down, we will make you go up'. History to do… and live.

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