"Cristiano didn't want to change my shirt, he made me feel small"

Gosens reveals an uncomfortable episode with Cristiano after an Italian Cup tie between Juventus and Atalanta.


Robin Gosens was left as one more disenchanted fan. The German from Atalanta recalls in his first memories (he is barely 26 years old) his worst experience with one of his idols: Cristiano Ronaldo. After an Italian Cup tie between Atalanta and Juventus that ended in favor for Bergamo, Gosens politely approached the Portuguese winger to ask for his shirt but the response was not what he expected.

"After the game against Juventus, I wanted to fulfill my dream of having the Cristiano Ronaldo jersey. After the final whistle, I went up to him, I didn't even go with the public to celebrate. I asked him: 'Cristiano, can you change the shirt? '. He didn't even look at me and just said no. I was totally red and embarrassed. You know that moment when something embarrassing happens to you and you look to see if someone has noticed? I felt just that and I tried to hide it ", recognizes the left side.

Whether in subsequent matches Gosens got the Cristiano shirt or not, the German did not detail it, but he will have two more chances this season. On Sunday, April 18, they will meet in Bergamo to fight for one of the positions that gives access to Europe and on May 19, they will fight to win the Italian Cup.A season finale with everything at stake

In addition to the Cup title, Atalanta is playing back to the Champions League in this final stretch of Calcio. Those from Bergamo are third with Juventus and Napoli just two points behind and ready to take their place.

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