Diakhaby says 'no' to racism

Valencia left the field for an alleged insult from Cala and then returned. "He asked us," says the club. The Frenchman did not play anymore. The Cádiz center-back continued until 46 '.


A discussion between Cala and Diakhaby that arose after a play in the Cádiz area has ended with the Valencia players leaving the Ramón de Carranza pitch in the 36th minute. This type of reaction is usually seen when a racist insult is launched, but nothing is knows what happened in that conversation between the two players.

After the tangana formed by the discussion, the referee showed the yellow card to Diakhaby, unleashing a greater anger from the Valencian player, who once again calmly spoke for a while with the referee. Later, all the Valencia players decided to support Diakhaby by leaving the field of play and, later, Cádiz as well.

Minutes later, Cádiz returned to the field with all its starters and, later, also Valencia, yes, without Diakhaby. The referee gave both teams five minutes to warm up before resuming Cádiz - Valencia.

What the protocol says

Iturralde González, arbitration analyst for AS and SER, explained what the referee Medié Jiménez can do in such a situation: "The referee Medié Jiménez cannot force Valencia to leave. If he does not want to leave, the referee will have to It is necessary to indicate in the minutes the reason why the Valencian team does not want to resume the game. The referee cannot say that there is a racist issue because he has not heard it, so he cannot say that the game is suspended. The referee has to exhaust all the possible ways before suspending the game ".

Diakhaby has asked his teammates to go out on the field but he was not feeling well to return to the field. Valencia has put a tweet explaining what happened: "The team has met and decides to return to fight for the shield but firm in condemning racism in all of Valencia in all its forms. No racism." Then he explained why Diakhaby did not go out on the pitch: "The player, who has received a racist insult, has asked his teammates to return to the field to fight."

The Valencia defender has asked his teammates to come out onto the pitch. Valencia, having no evidence of what happened between Diakhaby and Cala, has decided to go out on the field since they are exposed to being given the game for lost 3-0. His colleagues believe and support him. The Movistar cameras captured Gabriel Paulista saying the following words: "No shitty nigga, eh", in reference to what happened with Diakhaby.

Juan Cala has explained in the Cádiz dressing room that he has not said anything to the Valencian player. At half-time, Cala was replaced by Álvaro Cervera. The television images captured him, after starting the second half, in a private box at Ramón de Carranza explaining what happened to the players who were not called up from the Cadista club.

Statement from Cádiz

The Cádiz Football Club before the events that occurred in the match against the Valencia Football Club, wants to make the following considerations: 444 444

- We are against any situation of racism or xenophobia, whoever its author is, and we work for its eradication. All the perpetrators of these crimes, whether or not they are from our team, must pay for it.

- We do not doubt the honesty of all the members of our staff, who are firm defenders of the fight against racism, whose attitude has always been exemplary in all the matches that have been played.

- The entity cannot enter to assess the issues of the game between the players, and we always demand an attitude of respect and responsibility before the opponents.

- We work and will continue working so that in our football there are no xenophobic behavior, with a 'NO TO RACISM' with all its forcefulness.

Valencia statement

1. Mouctar Diakhaby has today become another victim of racism in football.

2. After suffering an intolerable racist insult, he has still received the yellow card for protesting.

. We are proud of the support Diakhaby has received from his teammates and the decision to leave the field en bloc.

4. We trust that this event will be investigated.

5. To our disappointment, no decision was made.

6. The Club at no time urges its players to return to the pitch. The referee conveys to the players the potential consequences of not returning to the field of play. The players, forced to play under threat of penalty after the racist insults and the yellow card to Diakhaby, decide to return to the field of play.

7. Diakhaby has asked his teammates to go back out onto the pitch and fight. His colleagues have respected his will.

8. What happened today should never happen again in football.

9. Valencia CF is against racism and expresses its full support for Diakhaby. Today is a sad day for our sport.

10. What we have lost today is not a match, today the respect and spirit of football and sport has been lost.

Photos from as.com

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