Diakhaby is down

The Valencia players did what in Spain had never been done for an alleged act of racism: leave the field of play. Murthy spoke to Thebes.


Mouctar Diakhaby is a boy in the body of a giant. He is also a committed person against racism. In their social networks, there are several publications denouncing xenophobic behavior against other colleagues. This time it was he who denounced that Juan Cala called him a “shitty nigger”, an insult that the Cádiz player denied with those he spoke to in the stadium and that he announces that he will give his version 48 hours after the incident.

The footballer is collapsed, emotionally affected by what happened. This has been made known by Anil Murthy to Javier Tebas, with whom he spoke on Monday morning and who, according to Valencia sources, has asked him to investigate until the end the serious racist insults that the French player denounced. Valencia, both the League and the RFEF, have urged them to create protocols of action by both organizations so that events such as those denounced by Diakhaby in the Ramón de Carranza do not repeat themselves and are not at the mercy of the reaction of the players.

Diakhaby despaired on the Ramón de Carranza grass and collapsed once he reached the locker room, where his teammates saw him cry during the minutes in which the game was interrupted. Then he got the strength to go out to the stands of the stadium. Diakhaby was sunk, but he did not want to remain hidden in the locker room when he considered himself the victim of a racist attack that he denounced the referee and whose version Medié Jiménez collected in the minutes.

Diakhaby was supported at all times by his colleagues. The Valencia players did what in Spain had never been done for an alleged act of racism: leave the field of play in support of Diakhaby. His reaction has gone around the world. The Frenchman is a footballer loved by his teammates, especially by the French footballers' colony in the dressing room. Kevin Gameiro was among the first along with Gabriel Paulista to approach Diakhaby after his reaction on the pitch and Mangala, from a distance and through social networks, believed his version without hesitation.

The Valencia players who participated in the game believed Diakhaby faithfully. They know him and his reaction led them not to doubt that something really serious had happened in their discussion with Juan Cala. Hence, after the initial uproar, everyone will firmly take the path of the changing rooms. It was there that Diakhaby collapsed and where the players showed their sincere endorsement and support of his version of events.

At that moment, after the players made the decision to leave the pitch in support of Diakhaby, an instruction from the club was expected in the Ramón de Carranza dressing room. The referee meets with the delegates of both teams, Salvador Chirino and David Rangel, and with the party's delegates, Fidel Valle Gil. Medié Jiménez, according to the version of the Technical Referees Committee, tells them what Diakhaby had told him on the pitch and points out that neither he nor any of his assistants has direct evidence that Cala called him "shit black" and that the Consequences of the removal of the Valencia players from the pitch were at the mercy of subsequent decisions made by the Competition Committee in this regard.

That is the information that is transferred to the Valencia dressing room. With the arbitrator acting as a mere notary of the facts by not having direct evidence and knowing that the regulations could lead to a penalty of points if the facts were not clarified, the players expect a specific directive from the club of what to do: withdraw permanently or continue . The leadership of the club does not understand that, at first, the game can be considered lost 3-0 for retiring from the grass for an alleged act of racism and delegates the decision to the footballers, the youngest dressing room in the First Division and that They had taken quite a step forward, retreating from the field of play. Diakhaby, in those moments of doubts and nerves in the dressing room because of what he had experienced and what to do, took the floor and urged his teammates to come out to play, although qualifying that he was not in a position to continue playing and that they tried to dedicate him victory.

Valencia later issued a statement in which it openly defended the version of Diakhaby, "another victim of racism in football," and demanded that the competent bodies study the case in depth. The club, for its part, is going to initiate a series of acts to combat racism. On Monday morning, waiting for a decision to be made by the RFEF Integrity Department, the entire Valencia squad, including president Anil Murthy and the coaching staff, posed with Diakhaby in Paterna under the slogan: Stop racism .

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