Del Bosque: "Zidane is fully complying"

The former selector said in "El Larguero" about the candidates to win the League: "I am afraid of rejecting Sevilla for the title."


Vicente del Bosque went through the microphones of "El Larguero" of Cadena SER to analyze the football news before the Classic.

Classic: "From Sunday there will be a clearer favorite, there are days ahead but we must be cautious. I am afraid of rejecting Sevilla for the league title. Eight points are not that many, everyone knows."

Barça and Madrid: "I do not see any team better than the other for Saturday. Both can win, we know the differences between playing at home or away even if there is no audience. It is speculating to speculate" .

Madrid: "No coach has the recipe to be well at a specific time. You have to be careful about what you talk about in the middle of the season" .

Madrid coach: "We recently spoke of the hegemony of English football, that Spanish football was not worth it and we saw a Madrid superior to Liverpool. We must be careful with sentences."

Zidane: "He is meeting all the expectations of the Madrid fans. What is important is that the club's people believe in him."

Identified in the figure of Zidane: "It is impossible to compare. Each one has a different way of being and every day is more difficult even though they play Wednesday-Sunday and it is easier than having ten without playing from Sunday to Sunday."

Madrid game by Zidane: "He has achieved many successes. He has led the club well. Zidane is fulfilling to spare" .

Ramos renewal: "It is a matter that does not concern me. The club has its interests and the player also, that is to agree" .

Mbappé: "He is a different player, with physical potential, he appears at decisive moments. He is important and one of the best in the market."

Playing for Madrid: "Give up money to play for Madrid? I imagine that the players will want to earn money and play for the club that they feel most comfortable with."

Tiredness of Messi: "Messi shows no signs of fatigue or that he is not in good shape. Maybe he will have some slump and when he does not score two Sundays in a row it will be said that it is ending. He has a great influence on the game of Barcelona. As long as it lasts ... it doesn't matter the color of the shirt I play with. It is very important for Spanish football. "

Ramos' record: "It has a positive reading. It seems to me that we also did some of these things. It is good for Spanish football that there are players who have such an important record. The record that I have presumed is that there are so many players with more out of 100 games ".

Pedri: "He is one of the young people who have appeared good. He is a player with a good future. He has to take more responsibilities. Not only what he is doing so far. He has more possibilities. Those around him are supporting him to get ahead ".

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