Deck leaves with a dizzying offer: 3.9 million until June

The franchise will put 630,000 euros for the payment of the clause, about two million. After the season, you will have the option to extend for three years.


Gabriel Deck, and this has already been communicated to the club, is not going to play any more with Real Madrid. Not even the next game, the Palau Blaugrana Classic against Barcelona. The Argentine forward, who turned 26 in February, is leaving the white club after more than two seasons in Madrid. His departure was precipitated in recent days, but it was a long process, which was simmered by his disagreement with the club when facing its renewal, which was also influenced by the pandemic, and by the great offer that finally put on the table Oklahoma City Thunder.

Deck, who has played at a high level in the last and decisive matches of the Euroleague regular phase, signed in June 2018 for three seasons, and had one of the lowest salaries in the squad: it did not exceed 500,000 euros per year Although the entity made a strong initial bet for him when he paid the clause to facilitate his departure from San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Last year, Deck already considered the NBA option, since he did not reach an agreement to extend a contract that Real Madrid would have automatically renewed at the end of this season with the same termination clause: almost two million euros. Both parties negotiated, before the pandemic, the renewal. There was an initial agreement regarding the amount of the player's file but not regarding the exit clause, which the white club wanted to raise and Deck preferred to keep as it was. Then, in the summer, Real Madrid attacked the arrival of Alberto Abalde, for whom they paid Valencia 1.5 million euros.

Now, the goodbye accelerated because the Oklahoma City Thunder offer was on the table and it was for this moment, without the certainty that it would still stand after the season. And it was a very great proposal: 3.9 million dollars just for this final stretch of the NBA season (the playoffs, in which the Thunder will not be, start on May 22) and an option of three more years and another 11 million for part of the franchise, which will also put an extra of about 630,000 euros for the payment of the clause. That is, Deck will end the regular season (ends May 16) with the Thunder, who will then have the unilateral option of signing a new contract for other after seasons and $ 11 million.

That, and the possibility of automatic renewal by Real Madrid after this campaign, ended up convincing the Argentine, that he will pay the amount of his termination clause in full and in cash. The Thunder had made an initial offer of about $ 2 million for the remainder of the NBA season. Real considered matching it, but this was later almost doubled by the last and final proposal of the American franchise, a team in reconstruction and with many young (and non-American) players in which Deck will not have (for now) great sporting aspirations. , but he does have minutes to prove, that is his new goal, that he can earn a place in the best league in the world in the same way that he became an important player at Real Madrid.

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