De Bilde: "Hazard is confident in his talent, but has never worked"

Former Belgian international player Gilles de Bilde has harshly criticized the Real Madrid footballer: "He never learned to have a physical base."


Former Belgian international player Gilles de Bilde, former Anderlecht and PSV player, among others, said on Friday that Eden Hazard, a forward for Real Madrid and the Belgian national team "has spent his entire career trusting in his talent, but has never worked." "You go to the biggest club in the world, you are the record signing in its history, you are supposed to replace Cristiano Ronaldo, and you arrive overweight. This is Eden Hazard," criticized the former striker in a column in the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws . Hazard is in the last phase of recovering from his psoas injury and is expected to be in the Champions League tie between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

However, De Bilde assured that "it is not possible" that Hazard, after the injury, can recover the "deficit" to be at the level of his teammates at Real Madrid, because "Hazard never learned to have a physical base". "Plus, it feels like he can rarely, if ever, play 100% free," he added. Likewise, the former Red Devil assured that "the" workers "of a team can more easily adapt to greater pain or tension because they do not have to be decisive", but creative footballers, like Hazard, "have to feel comfortable on the field. inventing things at the moment, "he warned. However, De Bilde acknowledged that, if Hazard is fit, "you have to take him to the Eurocup", because "his talent is so great that 15 minutes can make a difference," he said.

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