David López directs a 44-year-old Baqué in the peloton

The sports group presented its teams in Durango at an event chaired by the mayor of the Biscayan town, Ima Garrastatxu.


The Baqué Cycling Team celebrates its 44th season in the cycling peloton in 2021 with the under-23 led by former professional David López (Euskaltel-Euskadi, Movistar, SKY), as the star team of the structure sponsored by the coffee company and supported by the Elkar Kirolak Cycling Society. The sports group presented its teams in Durango in a ceremony chaired by the mayor of the Biscayan town, Ima Garrastatxu; the Marketing Director of Cafés Baqué, Iñigo Gutiérrez; and Elkar Kirolak's general manager, Javier García.

David López, who will be accompanied in the direction by two other former professionals such as Marino Lejarreta and Rubén Gorospe, will be in charge of a group of 13 runners. Mikel Agirrebeitia, Iker Trigo, Beñat Onaindia, Rubén González, Unai Hierro, Joan Albert, Francisco de Borja, Lander Lartitegi, Egoitz Aranzeta, Unai Zoilo, Oier Gallastegi, Imanol Madariaga and Alex Díaz are the cyclists who will have as their objectives, among others, the Spanish Cup and the Abiatzen, Euskaldun and Lehendakari tournaments.

Last season, runners Jon Barrenetxea (Caja Rural) and Javier Romo (Astana) made the leap to professionalism, as well as directors Adrián López, who works with Ineos Grenadiers, and Rubén Pérez, current director of Burgos BH. "We are facing a season that is a bit of a transition in our brilliant career because we have formed a very young team with whom we must work and who must be given time to continue growing. We are not lacking in illusion and that is the fundamental basis," he said. the general manager, Javier García.

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