Cury, ex of the Barça: "The agents of Vinicius betrayed us"

André Cury, former head of Barcelona in South America, told Sport in an interview that "Madrid signed Rodrygo because they did not trust Vinicius."


André Cury, former head of Barcelona in South America, told Sport in an interview that "Madrid signed Rodrygo because they did not trust Vinicius" and more ins and outs of the frustrated signing of the culé entity with both Brazilians.

Cury affirms that Vinicius had a commitment to Barça but a trip to Madrid, invited by Florentino Pérez, changed everything. "His agents and Vinicius's father were in Barcelona. Wagner Ribeiro called Florentino telling him. And he invited them to go to Madrid on Saturday. They told us they would go, but that nothing would happen because the footballer was already from Barcelona. There was a commitment By word of mouth. Juni Calafat himself said that it was almost impossible to close it because he knew the relationship I had with the player's environment. The agents returned to Barcelona, closed the final agreement with us, shook our hands ... And then they disappeared and betrayed us "

Before Barcelona had already moved a piece for the player: "With Vinicius we were three and a half years ahead of Madrid. His agents, Frederico Penna and Stefano Hawilla, who had reached a commitment with Barcelona, were betrayed us. us and not Madrid. I had a gigantic friendship with them, to the point of being best man at the wedding and their children. At the key moment of the operation, they stabbed us. Fifteen days before signing for Madrid, here in Brazil Vinicius said that he was a Barça fan, that his idol was Neymar and he affirmed that Messi was better than Cristiano. Then he said what he wanted when he was already in Madrid ".

Cury admits the reason why the white club also went for Rodrygo. "They did not trust Vinicius and feared that they had signed the wrong player and we the correct one. That is why they have two players of the same age, in the same position and from outside the community. I had known Rodrygo for a long time and had a profile to play in Barça. I started negotiating with his agent, Nick Arcuri. The club met twice here in Brazil with the president of Santos: Oscar Grau, Pep Segura and I. I told them we had to leave with the business closed. I didn't. we did. And Madrid arrived ".

Finally, the former Barça manager in the South American market gives more financial details of both operations: "There were 18 million euros for Vinicius and 20 million for Rodrygo. Madrid spent 60 on Vinicius, 45 for transfers, 6 for commission and 8 of 'signing' bonuses and their first token was 3 million net. With Rodrygo they were 65, they paid five times more of 'signing' bonuses and tokens than we would. Despite everything, Rodrygo's father called me saying that he preferred to go to Barça if we got along with Santos ".

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