Curry goes to 41 points and keeps the Warriors alive

Crucial victory for the Warriors, who beat a Bucks without Giannis with a comeback included in the fourth quarter. Curry, with 41 points, was again the best.


One thing is clear: Stephen Curry is not going to give up. As rare as the season or many stones in the way that the Warriors are, the point guard is going to try to achieve the main objective of the team, to reach the playoffs. And if you have to play the play-in before, he will do it, no matter how much his teammate Draymond Green has declared that he does not want to play it too much. The power forward made an interesting reflection regarding his words: the Warriors have gone from playing five consecutive Finals, winning three rings and creating one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history, to, first, running out of playoffs, and now fight for them. A minor battle for Green and also for Curry, but neither of them are going to shy away from the fight and they are going to try to go as far as possible without any exception. The goal is always to win every time they go out on the track and they, two of the three most visible faces (how we miss Klay Thompson) of a project that became a champion team, are going to fight to the point of exhaustion. the target.

Before the Bucks, the two of them showed their faces. Green doing his particular and traditional work behind the scenes, without a swollen statistic but with an ability to generate game for his teammates and be the absolute leader of the defense that few players in history have had and that have taken the player himself, in his usual verbiage, to proclaim himself the best defender of all time. And Stephen Curry doing what he does best: creating a show, scoring from all possible positions (the further from the basket, the better) and being the sports leader while his indefatigable partner, Draymond, is spiritually and morally. Green finished with 6 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists. Curry, with 41 points, 6 rejections and 4 passes to the basket. And the Warriors rallied the Bucks from an adverse result in a spectacular fourth quarter to clinch a vital victory in a heart-stopping finish.

The game maintained a tonic of equality until the third period, when the Bucks scored 38 points that damaged too much the weak defense of a Warriors with many defects. The locals entered five down in the last period (88-83), a difference that increased to 90-83 thanks to a basket by Jeff Teague, who went to 15 points and is showing in Milwaukee everything he did not do in Boston , something that further undermines the morale of the Greens. Steve Kerr's team was a jackhammer that came to an insane end alive. Jrue Holiday, recently renewed (160 million in 4 years, be careful), caught an offensive rebound after a capricious launch by Pat Connaughton and scored, giving his team a minimum advantage, orphan of Giannis Antetokounmpo (nothing serious) for a couple of matches. Kelly Oubre Jr., took a foul on the next play and scored two free throws, taking advantage of the space generated by the constant helps to a Curry that the Bucks did not let throw. And the failures of Khris Middleton and, again, Connaughton, gave the victory to the locals. Much celebrated by Curry, by the way.

Jrue Holiday celebrated his renewal with 29 points, insufficient to give his team victory. Middleton went 28, in a great shooting series that included a 10-of-19 from the field and a 2-of-4 from 3-point range. Bobby Portis added a good double-double (13 + 13), Thanasis Antetokounmpo reached 10 points and the aforementioned Jeff Teague also added double figures from the bench. In the Warriors, in addition to that dynamic duo formed by Curry and Green, James Wiseman (13 + 10), Oubre Jr. (19 and the two free throws that gave the victory to his team), Kent Bazemore (18) and Jordan stood out. Poole (10). The Bucks remain third in the Eastern Conference without great fanfare and with different feelings from previous seasons, with great records and unexpected losses in the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Warriors continue their particular fight for the playoffs and are tenth (24-27), 1.5 games behind a losing Spurs. Of course, they have it complicated and they are going to have to row a lot to reach the playoffs, something they will have to do through the play-in (Draymond Green likes it more or less). But they are not going to give up. Stephen Curry has already proven it.

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