Curry and the anti-Lakers antidote: 217 million in four years

According to Brian Windhorst, the Warriors plan to offer Stephen Curry a $ 217 million extension over four years. Are the Lakers lurking?


Rumors continue around Stephen Curry. The Warriors star is having a great season at the individual level and averaging 29.2 points, 5.5 rebounds and 6.1 assists and has recovered the level that made him NBA MVP in 2015 and 2016, as well as a of the most relevant figures of modern basketball. However, it is being a difficult season collectively, with the team in 10th position in the Western Conference with a 23-26 record, a lot of irregularity and quite strange parts that the coronavirus does not help. All that Curry is experiencing in difficult times and in a fight against time for the playoffs. Right now, the Warriors are tenth, the last place that gives access to the play-in, but with Kings and Pelicans pressing from behind and many difficulties. Of course, at least the course is serving to see, again, the best version of Curry.

There's been a lot of talk about the base lately. At the beginning, of his presenter and the great level he is showing; but also of its future. ESPN journalist Brian Windhorst was the one who leaked the rumor that Stephen Curry could call upon the Lakers in 2022. The good relationship he had with his theoretical arch-enemy, LeBron James, at the All Star enhanced this belief, as well as the sensation that El Rey could be trying to recruit him to play for the Angelenos that year, in which he will go out to free agency. However, the point guard has not given credibility to the rumors and no one in the Warriors is especially scared by a very remote idea that, for now, is far away. Which has not prevented, of course, that the subject continues to be discussed.

So much talk has caused Bob Myers, General Manager of the Warriors, to speak of the subject. He has done it precisely on Brian Windhorst's podcast, where he has assured that Curry is happy in the Warriors. "We are never going to stop listening to rumors," said the manager, who is not worried about gossip. According to Windhorst, the thing about the Warriors is that they can offer Curry a lot of money in exchange for an extension. Last year, the possibility was 156 million in three years, something that has changed this season, when they can offer you more money. The base and the franchise did well to wait a year, so the extension will be more money: specifically, 217 million in four seasons. That is, a profit of 61 million, a very important figure.

Curry has been with the Warriors since 2009 and has been their only franchise in the NBA. For sure, Myers and the entire board of directors will strive to ensure that the point guard is on the team until his retirement, something they can achieve with an extension that will bring him more than 50 million annually, a true historical outrage. And also counting on the commitment of the point guard, who has never spoken publicly about an alleged marhca and has reiterated on numerous occasions that his team is the Warriors. The love story is well known: three rings, five consecutive Finals, one of the greatest dynasty the NBA has ever seen and the fact of being a player and a team that have changed basketball. Almost nothing.

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