CSKA sends Mike James to the US to finalize his contract

James is close to being cut by CSKA over his differences with Itoudis, but has yet to make it. He will look for a contract in the NBA to make it easier.


Mike James' situation is evolving favorably, also for CSKA. The player has left for the United States after the refusal of the coach Dimitris Itoudis to have him more in the team's discipline, leading to a contract termination despite the fact that the agreement extended until 2023. The amount of the token is very high , one of the most expensive in the entire Euroleague, and the negotiations between the player and the club have reached the point of drawing up a simple plan.

James, who in no case - according to Itoudis - will play again this season with CSKA even if they play the Euroleague in a hypothetical Final Four, has gone to his country in search of an opportunity in the NBA. If a contract was achieved there, the economic plot would be less affected for the interests of the Portland electricity base and it would agree to terminate its contract with the Russians.

The player travels this Saturday to his home country and will try to hunt down a short contract or an opportunity for the remainder of the season, this year longer starting in December, to make up for the mess in Moscow.

Mike James' representation agency, BDA, has been commissioned to make it public. In the clipping, in addition to praising the benefits of his player during the last two seasons and noting that he is publicly recognized as the best player in the Euroleague, a few words from Andréi Vatutin, president of CSKA, are added, in which he offers the player to the NBA franchises for the immediate or medium-term future: "James has the opportunity to be in the NBA this season or, perhaps, to find a team for the next. With this scenario it will be easier for us to reach an agreement beneficial".

James has been the top scorer in the Euroleague for most of the season, now surpassed by Shved (Khimki). James has averaged 19.3 points and a PIR of 19.7 in 27 games.

Being on the ground they can give them the opportunity to test with the teams and, although James's résumé is clear and what he did in the Euroleague recently is a sufficient sign, it increases the chances that he can find accommodation. As another base in need is available, Isaiah Thomas, has done so in the last few hours.

James, 30, already has NBA experience. Between 2017 and 2018 he joined a stage in the Suns with another in the Pelicans.

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