Cristiano and Dybala resurrect Juventus

The goal number 25 of the Portuguese and a precious thread of the Argentine, who had not played for three months, served to beat Naples suffering, which closed the gap with a penalty from Insigne.


Juventus is reborn at its worst. It had already happened several times in this course, one of which in the Super Cup right with Naples, and the Azzurri were again the incentive to fix a terrible situation. With a solid performance and suffering until the last second, Vecchia Signora won and took third place, leaving behind the Southerners, now fifth. Pirlo played the bench and was brave, betting on Buffon instead of Szczesny after the Polish mistakes in the derby, despite having said otherwise on the eve, and his team built the victory with a great start to the match. Cristiano, who wasted a header as soon as he started, pushed between sticks in the 13th minute a low center from the unstoppable Chiesa, adding his 25th goal in 26 games. Before the break, the referee did not award two very clear penalties, one for each area, for a foul by Lozano on Chiesa himself and another by Danilo on Zielinski, inexplicable errors in the VAR era.

The scoreboard did not move and, in the second half, Gattuso's (who took Osimhen off the bench) grew, locking the Bianconeri in their area. The decisive goal, and it seems like a joke of fate, was made by Dybala. The Argentine had not played for three months, was punished for dinner at McKennie's house, jumped onto the field and with a delicious left-handed thread made it 2-0. It was thanks to this feat that the azzurro arreón and the penalty made by Insigne only served to close the gap. Juve suffered and ended up asking for the time, but took the three points. Pirlo saved the bench, at least for the moment and above all he is back in the Champions League positions. Today was the only thing that mattered to him.

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