Comeback with a playoff flavor

Girona went ahead with a goal from Bueno, but a minute later another Santi, Comesaña, equalized the contest. An Isi missile capped a comeback.


One more. El Rayo is becoming a comeback expert. This was how his last victory in Vallecas had been forged, against Zaragoza (3-2). And so it has been won again. This time it was Bueno who turned the contest upside down, overtaking Girona when his rival was better. However, another Santi, Comesaña, tied just a minute later. No time for regrets. Nor did Isi need much on the pitch to sign a great goal and give the winners to the franjirrojos, ending the Catalans' streak in their tracks and fueling their playoff dream. They are still sixth, but they have fourth place two points away - yes, at the expense of what Leganés does tomorrow at the leader's house - and they will play again on Wednesday ... 444 444

The thing started strong, much like Yan Couto's point-blank shot saved by Dimitrievski in minute 1. A statement of intent. Girona had the possession, the intentions and the danger. Sylla was about to materialize it, but she didn't catch a Gumbau center by millimeters. The answer came in Fran García's boots, with a shot that made Juan Carlos smaller and, immediately afterwards, he put the mitten again to disrupt Álvaro's pass towards Antoñín. Precisely a head of the forward, to pass Baby, left brushing the stick.

El Rayo was awakening and Álvaro tested Juan Carlos's reflexes from the front. In the other area, Sylla looked for surprise, but her head butt died outside. The Vallecanos were eating the toast of the Catalans and Baby uncovered the jar of essences. His free-kick hit the stick, he tried his luck with an Olympic goal that was stopped by Juan Carlos - after a play by Trejo that the visiting goal deflected to a corner - and signed a great volley - home brand - which left high.

Just when he was feeling better, Lightning dropped a jug of cold water on him. Girona's goal changed the script abruptly. Santi Bueno headed the free kick thrown by Gumbau to the back of the net, but the franjirrojos reacted like a spring. Just a minute later, another Santi, Comesaña, made it 1-1 after hooking Juan Carlos's rejection to a header from Antoñín. That madness, that gale of goals, perfectly summed up the barrage of occasions that flooded the first half.

More bland began the second. Stuani threw salt with a deflected header and Trejo, pepper, when he slipped inside the enemy area, before being able to prolong for Baby a great center from Álvaro. The game had mutated, hence both coaches decided to move the bench, looking for a reaction. Iraola short-circuited it. Pozo served a ball to Isi, who took a great goal from the front, a missile that hit the wood and slipped into the goal. The top scorer from the Strip was pure effectiveness, he scored a target on the first ball he touched.

However, the controversy in Vallecas could not be absent either. Pulido Santana signaled a penalty by Óscar Valentín, but after reviewing the images on the monitor he rectified. There was intrigue until the last minute, when Pozo missed the sentence and Sylla sent the tie high. This time the Lightning did not let the train pass. Sporting lost and the franjirrojos have two golden opportunities to dethrone him, they have fulfilled this first and are preparing to finish the climb against Mirandés. And who knows whether to keep going up ... 444 444

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