Clumsiness contest in Moto3 from which Acosta takes a slice

Most of the peloton stayed in the box at the end of FP2, gambling everything on a lap that most could not give due to miscalculating, being the rookie of the few smart ones.


Said with all the respect in the world, the end of the Moto3 FP2 turned out to be a full-fledged awkwardness contest from which Acosta got a slice, because despite being a 16-year-old rookie, he's smarter than many of his grid mates and was one of the few that was able to save the furniture in the last breath, jumping from the 22nd position he occupied to the ninth that guarantees his direct passage to Q2. And beware, that in that accumulation of nonsense that was lived, the least responsible are the pilots, because what most of them did was follow the instructions of their team leaders, who screwed up.

What happened was that the majority of the peloton stayed in the box in the final minutes of FP2, gambling everything at a lap that most could not miscalculate. There were many riders who started their bikes two and a half minutes from the end. They had been on their saddles for a long time before, waiting for the order to leave. When they did, in the first and only passage through the finish line with a thrown lap that they had left, most of them encountered the checkered flag that made it impossible for them to reduce their time. The only ones who did not play the fool, by the hair, were Rodrigo, García, Fenati, Suzuki, Salac, Foggia, Rossi, Fernández, Artigas and Acosta.

Everyone wanted to qualify in the top 14, aware that in the FP3 tomorrow, with sunlight, it will not be possible to lower the FP2 time. The winners were, in this order, Binder, García, Rodrigo, McPhee, Suzuki, Masiá, Guevara, Alcoba, Acosta, Fenati, Nepa, Yamanaka, Toba and Antonelli. They were left out of the top 14 and, unless they were surprised, Fernández 16º, Tatay 21º and Artigas 23º would have to go through Q1, although the latter has a very uphill race to be classified in the position that is classified today, because it carries a penalty of two laps long to pull in the race before McPhee, Migno and Alcoba.

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