Cavani is a titan

The Uruguayan had a controversial goal annulled, except for his team under the sticks in 84 'and scored the final 1-2 on the plate just a few minutes before.

How many teams must be pulling their hair by now knowing they could have taken Edinson Cavani at zero cost last summer. How difficult it is to find a forward like the Uruguayan, who also usually shows up when he is most needed. Today, in an extraordinary match at all levels against Tottenham, they annulled one with much controversy, except for his team under the sticks in 84 'and he scored the final 1-2 just a few minutes before with a header on the plate in which He missed getting into the networks of Lloris. A fantastic result for the Red Devils but disastrous for the Spurs, who are already seeing fourth place move away to six points.

And that fortune allied with them in the first half. Around the half hour of play a great combination in the front of the area and a pass between Pogba's legs ended with a great goal from Cavani, but the VAR, who saw a light touch on Son's face by McTominay, He ended up canceling it. Shortly after, it was the South Korean who opened the scoreboard.

Solskjaer's men, however, did not hide, and in the second half, between the magic of Bruno Fernandes and Pogba's artillery - who tried from a heel shot to a scorpion -, they embedded Tottenham against their goal. As a result of that pressure, and after several worthwhile stops in both areas, a Greenwood center, who scored at the last minute, ended up with Cavani's header to decide a game with capital letters. His head, however, still had something more to say, and when the Londoners were already licking themselves with the tie in a corner, the Matador used it to deflect a ball against his own post and thus avoid the local goal.

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