Castellón takes a giant step

An own goal by Arribas gave the victory against Oviedo to Garrido's team, which continues to add just one defeat in the last seven games.


El Castellón added three gold points in the face of salvation at the expense of Oviedo in Castalia. Those of Juan Carlos Garrido prevailed thanks to an own goal after a great send by Rubén Díez that Arribas entered his goal. With 35 points, and only one defeat in the last seven games, the Albinegros distance themselves from relegation and live their best moment since the arrival of the Valencian coach, who firmly believed in permanence since his presentation.

Garrido moved the pieces with players out of position, but they are giving a great result away from their natural habitat. Krhin was the center-back, Lapeña as a winger, Séné at the pivot, Rubén Díez on the wing, Jorge Fernández at the top playing the 'false 9' and Bodiger playing a role similar to that of Fellaini in David Moyes' Everton.

But it was Oviedo who entered the match better, especially active on the wings. The first approach came from a Mossa boarding school that was close to finding Blanco Leschuk. The declaration of intent was clear on the part of Ziganda's. However, it was in a strategic play when the clearest came. Leiva hung a ball at the far post and Juanjo Nieto, trained in the Albinegrra quarry, hooked hard and narrowly left.

The Asturian dominance was clear and Krhin, the improvised center-back, dwarfed a shot by Leschuk who, after cutting Gálvez, licked off Whalley. The invention worked.

That action spurred the Albinegros, who began to gain meters in the field and were taking the game to their land. Oviedo lost incidence on the wings and the game got muddy in Castalia. Forces were equalized, especially on set pieces.

The home team came out better in the second half. More confident with the ball and aware that adding three would be a key hit on the permanence table. There was a key change: Rubén Díez got together inside and football began to flow. Even Marc Mateu was close to surprising with a long shot after a good combination, with the '10' breaking lines.

The game was winning in rhythm, but a hard clash between Edgar and Sené in the air forced the meeting to stop. Nahuel Leiva, a direct witness, put his hands to his head from the impact. The Castellón midfielder ended up bloody and with his septum very touched.

Football, however, was beginning to give Castellón reasons to believe. Each time he was closer to the rival goal, but it was difficult for him to put Femenías to the test. Until in a free kick hanging from the side, Rubén Díez put a tense ball that Arribas entered his own goal. Leschuk's reply was immediate, but his ball narrowly went high.

Ziganda threw all the meat on the spit: with two ends and long lanes to push the final minutes. But Garrido's men defended themselves with trade and they only needed to handle the ball with greater ease to avoid the continuous transitions and sign three vital points in front of the goal despite the seven minutes of addition and the scare of the goal annulled by Rodri.

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