Castellón takes air and sinks Albacete

A goal from Jorge gives the victory to Garrido's team at Belmonte. Albacete forgave many opportunities against a colossal Walley and even Ortuño missed a penalty.


El Castellón has taken the three points from Carlos Belmonte after beating an Albacete that has paid dearly for its lack of punch, forgiving many occasions.The first opportunity of the match was for Castellón after a cross from the left wing by Marc Mateu that Cubillas finished off but the ball went slightly off the goal of La Mancha.

In the 18th minute the best opportunity would come for Albacete but Alfredo Ortuño missed a penalty committed after a hand inside the visiting team's area.

The failure of the maximum penalty made Castellón grow in the game, which with a shot from Jorge from the front of the area had a good opportunity to get ahead on the scoreboard but Tomeu Nadal avoided the visitor goal with a good save. Later Albacete had his chance but Álvaro Jiménez did not get to connect with the ball when he was in front of Walley's goal and later, in the 40th minute after a great play by Alberto Benito but Zozulia's shot was slightly off the mark. rival goal

Before the break, the La Mancha team was able to take the lead again in the game but Whalley pulled out a spectacular hand after a cross shot from Manu Fuster.

In the second half, Albacete continued to dominate but Castellón was ahead of the game after Jorge took advantage of a heads-up against Tomeu Nadal to give a hard blow to the La Mancha team that continued to have chances, but it was not Ortuño's day against a Walley who became a hero to his team.

With this victory, Castellón takes air against an Albacete that sinks to the bottom of the table.

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