Cartagena takes air and leaves Alcorcón touched

The Albinegro team takes the victory that leaves them one point from salvation and surpasses the yellows in the table, who appeared late in the game.


FC Cartagena claimed a life-giving victory in their fight to secure permanence in the silver division. The Albinegro box does not leave the last four places, but remains a point of salvation awaiting what Real Zaragoza does in Fuenlabrada. In addition, he overtakes CE Sabadell, which he visits this Sunday, and AD Alcorcón, now penultimate with two points less than Carrión's pupils. On the side of Anquela's side, the only positive thing they can get from Cartagonova is the reaction of the second half, where they had the tie in their hands.

In a clash in which the tension should be maximum for both teams, only FC Cartagena showed it at the start. AD Alcorcón lacked the intensity that an anticipated final such as this match required. He made serious mistakes and the cost was very high. In the first, a defensive loss, Dani Jiménez had to intervene to avoid Cristian's goal. The goalkeeper sent the header to a corner kick and it was 1-0. Andújar, after a blow to the semifallo by Forniés and a slight touch from Cristian, scored unopposed one meter from the goal line.

With an advantage on the scoreboard, he changed dynamics. The locals gave a pass back, it is not known if for fear of losing their rent or locked up by Anquela's pupils. Thus, Kelechi had the equalizer with a powerful shot that narrowly missed a goal. The midfielder started the play in his own field, got away from all the rivals that came his way and from the front tried his luck without success. In addition, several teammates demanded the pass since they were in a good position to try to make the equalizer. Later, another shot from León made Marc Martínez intervene, who repelled the ball.

Those of Carrión were on the wrong path to continue like this. The visitors, without quality at the start, dominated, but they also showed signs of weakness in the rear. In an isolated action, Rubén Castro was able to make it 2-0. Again Dani Jiménez intervened to save his family. And not another thing, but FC Cartagena has quality and stuck up. If you give to a team like the albinegro, sooner or later you pay for it. And that's what happened. In a foul in the center of the field in favor of AD Alcorcón, failure in the service and against which Cayarga started, he yielded to De Blasis and the center of the Argentine pushed him to the net Cristian to increase the distances.Anquela sings the forty

Something had to happen in the AD Alcorcón dressing room, because the Santo Domingo team was different in the second period. He was plugged in, he wanted to bite. More with the early both of one of the novelties, Arribas. Another change, Sosa, put the ball on a tray to beat Marc Martínez.

FC Cartagena was scared, the opponent's reaction was not expected. The visitors had clear opportunities to lay the tables. A shot from Ojeda hit a defense and the rejection was not taken advantage of by Laure or Arribas. Gual sent a header to the crossbar and later Marc Martínez took a point-blank shot from Gorostidi.

The Albinegros were saved and even enjoyed opportunities to arrive more calmly at the end. Elady, very active since she entered, tried a couple of times, but both times she ran into Dani Jiménez. Cristian also had it, who from the front could make the double.

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