Cala gives her face after her discussion with Diakhaby: "It's a circus"

The Cádiz player, accused by Diakhaby of an alleged racist insult, denies the facts and is willing to "denounce the president of Valencia."

The moment that many expected has arrived, for Juan Cala to speak publicly and give his version of the events that occurred last Sunday in Carranza during Cádiz - Valencia. The Cádiz center-back was accused by Diakhaby of, allegedly, launching a racist insult that the Frenchman claimed to be: "black shit." Cala denies the facts as the Valencian player has told them and, to this day, there is still no evidence to blame Cala. The referee of the match, Medié Jiménez, did not listen to the alleged insult either.

The events happened on Sunday in Cádiz - Valencia when in minute 29 Cala and Diakhaby began to argue after the French fell on the cadista defender. In that discussion is when Diakhaby affirms that Cala called him "black shit", but Cala insists that this is a lie and that he only said "Leave me alone" with fuss. Both face each other until Fali holds the Valencian player who was visibly outraged and receives the yellow card from the referee.

The Valencia players left the pitch in protest at the racist insult Diakhaby claimed to have received. The match was suspended for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, Cala insists that she was shocked by the situation that she claims to be a lie. The Cádiz central defender already denied it during the meeting to his surroundings, but today he insisted again that he never uttered the words that Diakhaby puts in his mouth.

That's when Cala thinks that a "circus" is formed and that everything would have been settled by talking to the referee: "I think what they are looking for is my second card. When I try to calm him down by telling him that I had not said anything. Here are two victims: a player who is accused and another who believes that he is the victim of a racist insult. If they had allowed both of us to talk to the referee, everything would have been solved. Everything that was mounted afterwards is a circus. "

Cala admits that she had a bad night on Sunday after what happened and without being able to give her explanations because she affirms, "My president recommends that no, that I have already been tried and that everything I say will be used against me. The party tells the president that I want to leave immediately. The next day too, he tells me to wait. I leave today because that is when Cádiz tells me to leave and I am an employee of the club. "

To such an extent Cala defends his version of events that he affirms that he will take legal action against the president of Valencia, Anil Murthy, and against "all the people who have tried to play with my honor. My lawyer is collecting information." It also leaves open the possibility of denouncing Diakhaby, "that is taken by my lawyer. What I can say is that I will defend my honor." In addition, he responds to the Frenchman's video and assures that, "If the name of the Cádiz player who said that I was going to go and ask him for forgiveness comes out, I will leave football," he said.

At this point, Juan Cala sends a message to society and to all those who, according to him, have not respected his presumption of innocence: "I was climbing up the walls. I wanted to get into all the radios and all the televisions. make look in this country about the presumption of innocence. It exists and is included in the Constitution. This seemed like the West, they should look a little and take into account the facts and the evidence. Nobody deserves this lynching and I hope it does not normalize ".

Regarding football and despite everything that is happening around him, Cala believes that it will not affect him when facing the next game: "I have had difficult days, but very calm because I am not what I was accused of. next game I will surely be prepared. I am looking forward to settling this issue here. That what remains, remains in the courts ".

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